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NouveauPrincess XstitchPatterns (HannahAlexander)7


You can buy your own copy of these patterns here:…

Facebook group set up for support for these patterns:
The wonderful Hannah-Alexander is no longer active on DeviantArt and hasn't been for some time. :) (Smile) You can see her artwork now primarily through her other pages. You can find those links in her last journal: Leaving DeviantArt

Something I really need to point out: pixel representation of thread colors is highly inaccurate. Real thread colors have been matched to Hannah's original artwork as closely as possible. THESE ARE NOT BEGINNER PROJECTS BY ANY SENSE OF THE WORD. These are complicated pieces with blended colors, hundreds of beads, buttons, half/quarter/partial stitches everywhere, and literally over thirty feet of backstitching throughout. It's a labor of love that I hope you will share with me when you're finished.

Each are approximately two feet tall on 18 count (or 36 count over two). All three use beads and metallics.

:bulletyellow: Anastasia uses 51 unique symbols: 12 blended colors, 32 solid colors, and 7 bead colors.
368 x 412 stitches.

874 beads!
:bulletred: Moana uses 76 unique symbols: 19 blended colors, 52 solid colors, and 5 bead colors.
246 x 381 stitches.

295 beads!
:bulletblue: Alice uses 43 unique symbols: 11 blended colors, 29 solid colors, and 3 bead colors.
147 x 385 stitches.
581 beads!

Final times for pattern creation:
Anastasia 15 hours
Moana 44.5 hours
Alice 14 hours

Previous Set WIPs can be found [in my scraps].

:iconpinksparklesplz: It's also very important to note! Since the last time I posted Hannah's patterns there's been a change in the way limited edition is being handled. :) (Smile) There will still be 50 signed individual copies and 50 signed set copies for the first edition. The second edition will be 50 individual copies without a signature, the third edition will be 50 unsigned copies with a raised price, and so on from there. So you really only need to feel a time crunch if you want the Set Discount or a Signed Copy. Otherwise my hope is to always keep these patterns available, for as long as Hannah allows it. :) (Smile)

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I definitely like Alice in the fainter Non-Blue version!

Anastasia is beautiful as always and Moana is Exotic, though I think her face ought to be rounder.
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Just following the source art :)
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Wow! Looks Amazing!Heart 
pinkythepink's avatar
Thank you! :happybounce: It took too long but I'm so happy to have done it!
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You're welcome :)
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Amazing works Clap 
very pretty!!
is Alice a flapper?
awesome pictures!!
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Thank you! :)
I don't think she's quiitteee a flapper, but I'm not entirely positive. Hannah-Alexander is to credit with the design. :) I would personally place it as a 40s or 50s dress.
you're welcome!!
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They look pretty fabulous.

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These are gorgeous, excellent work! :love: 
I especially like your pattern for Moana, the color gradations and shading are really well done :nod: 
pinkythepink's avatar
Thank you blue! :la:
Moana took so much dang extra work for all that shading. :stare: It makes me happy you noticed. :heart:
craftsbyblue's avatar
You are welcome :)!

I can imagine, shading adds a whole lot of complexity to the piece :nod:! Of course! I admire your dedication :heart:.
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