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Here's part of my promotion for stitchingpirates's The Looooooooooooong Contest, a contest about 3D stitching that will span the next year. Since I won first place in the monochrome contest I can't actually participate for prizes, but that's not going to stop me from using it as an excuse to make all those 3D things I've been wanting to make! :la:

These patterns are from Just Nan and are limited edition. In most cases limited edition patterns bother me but in this case I can totally see the purpose for it (the only reason I carry them in my own shop is because that's my agreement with the original artist). Trying to continuously source miniature top hats, the flowers, the bases, their little roses, and the tails... that's gotta be a nightmare!

So these come as kits without the fabric and thread but everything else is included. The actual stitching before they get put together makes them look a lot like little mantra rays or UFOs. Once everything is stitched they get turned and stuffed with a bit of cotton and then stitched to some filigree buttons for their bases. Next come the tails, I tweaked the groom's tail around until he could keep his balance so he ended up a little 'taller'. Then comes all the extra goodies like the veil and hat, the roses, and whiskers.

I actually like the groom mouse more than the bride. :lol: I bought them because of the bride! But the groom has this cute little suit on and his little boutonnière is so perfect. The bride is cute too but her dress isn't really much of a dress, it's just sparkly beads and some flowers, I really wish that she had gotten more dress than decor out of it.

Only very very minor modifications to Just Nan's original instructions. Stuff like using a different color of Kreinik on the bride's sparkles because I didn't want to go buy a whole new color.

Color Total: Bride: 8 / Groom: 6
Bead Sizes: 1
Bead Color Total: 2
Bead Total: 72
Size: ~1 1/2 x 3/4 inches
Time Total: Bride: 4 hours / Groom: 4.5 hours / Finishing: 2 hours / Total: 10.5 hours
36 count sparkly white Zweigart from Mattsma
Pattern is by Just Nan.

Field Mouse Paper Embroidery by pinkythepink Gingerbread Mouse by pinkythepink
Western Springtime Wedding by pinkythepink Amelia and Paul Wedding Sampler by pinkythepink
Merry Christmas BeadDress by pinkythepink White Wedding Bead Dress Glamour Shot by pinkythepink
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May 24, 2018, 11:30:32 AM
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It's fantastic!
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Awww! This is so adorable and well made! :love:
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:iconblushplz: Thank you very much!
Reyhaneh13's avatar
Ohhh so pretty and beautiful 😍😃😊
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WOW so amazing!!!!! I wish I could do this!!
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Thank you! :love: You can totally do this - it just takes a little bit of time and practice. :)
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We r doing sumthn like this in art class and now I'm inspired!
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Aww, such an adorable and funny work :meow: You did really wonderful work on this small cuties! :heart:
But I haven't expected that I will find something related with my job when I decided to spend some free time resting from it :giggle:
(I'm an owner of wedding salon and designer or wedding dresses, haha)
Your page make my mood more happy now (in a good sence), thank you so much :huggle:
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:love: Thank you so much! Happy to make you happy. :hug: And I'm glad you found something so in tune with what you do. :D Owning a wedding salon and designing dresses is such a dream. :heart:
Tairis-Dark-Blue's avatar
You're very welcome, dear! Thank you also for good emotions and happiness :)
Aww, your small bride and groom are just simply adorable and I can't stop admire them :heart:
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That's... just so adorable :love:
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Oh my stars, this is so cute! xD
I agree with how the bride probably should have gotten a little more dress than decore, but this is still so adorable. I love them both
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:love: Thank you so much! Yeah - perhaps next time, if I revisit these patterns, I'll dress her up myself. :D
SillyTillyStudios's avatar
Aw, you are so welcome!
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so adorable. like a fairy tale
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Truly gorgeous!! And super cute!! Triple Hearts 
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You're very welcome Hug 
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