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Herbert Garden


As the great tree would say, "His name isn't really Herbert."

This piece is basically one mistake after another. :lol: Things were stitched too far off and the wrong colors were used in the right places. Besides that are my intentional changes, like removing the text around the top and the weird bird on the blue pot. The original text read: Chives, Rosemary, Parsley, Thyme, Oregano, Sage. I wasn't planning to keep the text when I started but after my complete failure and mistakes I knew even if I had wanted to add them in it would've been forced to a different color to contrast. :lol:

For all of you out there who are perfectionists like me, upset by stitching something more than a few squares off from where the pattern intended, take Bob's Ross's advice and call them Happy Accidents. :la: Just because you've made a mistake doesn't mean the project has to be shelved forever. :)

When I picked up this kit I was actually pretty blerged with the preview image's colors. I had pretty much intended to change every ounce of this in one way or another. Once I actually got into it, though, the colors grew on me (still changed a lot of the placement in general) and the shiny-ness of the beads that wasn't captured in the kit photograph made me really happy.

May I also say that no Mill Hill kit has ever had a more deformed button to go with a kit. Seriously what was it supposed to be? A dragonfly? A butterfly? A combination? It was super out of place with the entire thing. I'll never use it on anything.

Color Total: 15
Bead Sizes: 2
Bead Color Total: 9
Bead Total: A MYSTERY
Size: 5x5 inches
Time Total: 26.5 Hours
14 count light green perforated paper
This is a highly modified Mill Hill kit.
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Focal Length
10 mm
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Date Taken
Jun 30, 2018, 12:21:05 PM
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LOL, Happy Accidents.  There's a biscornu I am having trouble finishing as I noticed it has two miss-printed stitches in an entire 60x60 square, and for that reason, my crazed perfectionism can't stay into it (I'm that OCD).  OR maybe it's that I realized I HATE that shiny string stuff I also committed to, but at least that looks good.  I'll get to it. XD
pinkythepink's avatar
hahaha, I understand entirely. You'll finish it one day!! :love:
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I have an unfinished CS kit with tons of Mill Hill beads, and many of them have holes that are too small. I haven't bought their stuff outside of a kit, but so far I haven't been terribly impressed with them.
pinkythepink's avatar
Oh really? That's a shame to hear! All the Mill Hill kits I've done have been fine. :) Are you using the special beading needle that comes with? It can fit through much smaller beads.
maddinja's avatar
I believe it only came with one needle, although I do have special beading ones I bought for other projects. The worst part isn't that the beads wouldn't go over the eye of the needle, it was that they would get stuck there. But I'm glad to hear that others have worked out for you, if I ever find another one I may give it a try.
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Yeah, not going over the needle is a big problem! That's why there's the special beading needles, they have such a thin eye. :)
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Mmm another so good job, as much as restiring the dress :clap: :clap:
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liliCartMan's avatar
you are welcome ^^
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Oeh nice beading work :D Shiny plants is like the best ting ever I think.
SinistrosePhosphate's avatar
It's amazing how I can almost tell which plant is which. 
That speaks to your skills and this beautiful pattern! And I love all the beading work you have done, too! 

Now... I totally agree with the "happy accidents" bit. I don't know what the original looked like, but I know I love your version! :XD:
pinkythepink's avatar
Hahah, thanks Sini, I really appreciate it.
SinistrosePhosphate's avatar
No problems! 
I am totally on-board with the "happy accidents" school of creation! :w00t:
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Really beautiful work. The colours are super pretty! I really like the beads on top of the design to add a bit of dimension :D
pinkythepink's avatar
Thank you very much! :la:
astridismad's avatar
You're more than welcome :heart:
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Do you use a thimble when you do bead work? I adore bead work but my fingers cannot take it. Several years ago I dropped an old glass casserole baking dish and it broke into shards that cut up the tips of my fingers. Since then, I've had a hard time doing anything crafty that causes me to have to push with my finger tips. 

This is just gorgeous!
pinkythepink's avatar
Thanks Phyllis :)

I don't use a thimble for most things, but I can totally understand why you would need to. I pretty much only put a thimble on when doing super tough work that's more likely to stab me - like shoving a thick needle through denim. I use Mill Hill beading needles (an extra bonus every time I buy one of their kits is that I get a new needle) since they slide through the size 15s a minimum of two times without getting hung up or needing any force.
WDWParksGal's avatar
That is good to know. Whenever I pass Hobby Lobby it is as if it is drawing me in like a magnet!
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