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Fruit Topiaries


:w00t: It's done, it's done!!

This is a project I took on for stitchingpirates's Sailing The Fruit contest! :D… I looked for pink fruit, I really did ;) but unfortunately I didn't find any peach patterns I really enjoyed. The result was this topiary pattern, which you can find online and do yourself for free here:… This piece will come up for sale through my etsy page sometime in December or January this year, when I open for sales. :) I checked the terms of use on the website and I don't see anything saying I can't sell finished work, but if I'm wrong on this please let me know and I won't put it up for sale!

Most of the time on this piece was put into the lattice! As much as I love lattice it turned into way more work than I thought it would. There are all in all thirty-two pieces of fruit, though some are partially hidden behind the branches. I ran out of white and grey thread several times doing that lattice... luckily all the fruit colors were well stocked! So for those of you who don't stitch, it's eight meters of thread per skein, and you split it into three parts, so you can just let that boggle your mind for a while on how much white thread is put into this!

Completely worth all the effort put in, and more than anything proves to myself that I can take on a large project and meet my goals in time. I feel very accomplished! :D I'm pretty sure it's lemons, apples, plums, and pears. Very small edit to the image 9/25: missed a small section of backstitching, the outlines on the pear tree leaves around the trunk, rescanned and corrected.

Color Total: 32
Size: 10 3/4 inches x 5 1/2 inches
Time: 89.5 hours
18 Count white Aida

Progress here:
Topiary Progress by pinkythepink
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this is so adorable! Pikachu Piff Plz
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Stolen-Dreamer's avatar
This is adorable :3
ScarletWarmth's avatar
one word,

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xShadowBunny's avatar
How is this possible? Omg this is amazing!
pinkythepink's avatar
:flirty: Just a ton of time and patience! :D Thank you very much!
Helens-Serendipity's avatar
A lovely piece Ashley, well done you :clap: love those pots! :D
pinkythepink's avatar
:hug: Thank you very much! :D
Peter-The-Knotter's avatar
now this is nice!  bravo Pinky!
pinkythepink's avatar
Thank you Peter! :D
MoonyMina's avatar
gorgeous one!!
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Magical525's avatar
This is wonderful! :D Doing all that white and grey must have been seriously boring - my mind was seriously boggled by the amount of thread!
pinkythepink's avatar
:hug: Thank you!

Oh my goodness it was so boring! I had to walk away so many times just working white threads UP and DOWN over and over again on the border... :dead:
Magical525's avatar
I can imagine! I'm glad you didn't die of boredom though - that would have been really bad!
snowyMelon's avatar
Oh wow it's really beutiful nothing like my small project ! 
pinkythepink's avatar
:giggle: Thank you! Don't put yourself down comparing to mine :) I've been working on it since the contest was announced! I hope you're feeling better now and I look forward to seeing your own entry. :aww:
snowyMelon's avatar
yup and all that time really payed off!

and thank you, you will see it really soon <3
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This adorable - I love it!! :iconlovesqueeplz: One thing I immediately noticed were all the different pots - so cute ! :nod:
pinkythepink's avatar
:dance: Thank you lots! I love the different pots too, it gives it a lot of character. :D
emietheemerald's avatar
No problem! :iconlovecuddleplz: And yes I agree :D

Also on a different note - how did you get the mini picture of the progress deviation to appear in the description? I've always wanted to do that but didn't know how :iconinuwatchingplz:
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