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Floral Embroidery


Update 9/30/19: Now for sale!
Update: 2019 with new photos. I appreciate this piece because of the work involved when I did it, but I hate it for the angst it puts into me when I think about how Mom didn't want it. She used to - when I was working on it she was adamant about it being made into a pillow or some such. But when I was clearing out my room for a deep clean I offered it to her, and she just shook her head and made that little 'ehhh' sound. It's not the first time and it wasn't the last time, it's so extremely difficult for me to make any sort of gift for her.

The stitchwork itself is full of mistakes and not very clean, but considering I started this when I was 13 with only one prior crewel embroidery experience, and for all that I wasn't using hoops or stretch bars at the time... it probably came out as well as it was going to.

Old photo:

Uhm, finally! I've been putting this piece off since I got it. Embroidery really isn't my thing... but here it goes.

This is made from the Dimensions Gold Collection Kit "Oriental Splendor". It's basically an image already put in with parts for me to embellish. So most of the petals, anywhere you see shiny gold, some of the flowers... yep that's me. The rest of it was pre-printed on the fabric.
Signature included on this beast.

So! That being said, I got this kit in 2005 or 2006, started it and then walked away from it and let it gather oh-so-much dust beneath my end table. There it sat, oblivious that I had sorted the colors incorrectly in the beginning and that my stitches were nowhere near as clean as the preview image on the package. But now it's finished! And I can be done with this thing forever.

Color Total: 27
Size: 20 x 14 inches
Time: 56 1/2 hours
Full color white home-spun cloth with areas marked for stitching.
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Mar 17, 2019, 1:17:27 PM
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You're welcome! :) Thank you for sharing your lovely art with the group Pink Pastel Christmas Tree

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This is incredibly beautiful :love: I bet whomever bought it absolutely loves it :heart:

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Can I just say, "OMG!"  I have never seen such beautiful embroidery! First of all, it is a beautiful work of ART, and I can't imagine why your mom wouldn't want it. That absolutely floors me.    My embroidery never reached this level of beauty.  I just did stuff like transfers on to tea towels or making  coffee pots with steam coming up from the spout, and putting lace around the hoops, and giving them for my friends and family. Stuff like that.  This is incredibly beautiful work. 
You should be very proud of this accomplishment!  That is a lot of time to devote to one piece of work. 
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:happybounce: Awww haha thank you, really. I think you just did different stuff from me! :love: I've never done any iron on transfers even though obviously I understand the concept, I only learned really how to iron within the last few years. :D And lace on hoops!! I've only done it one time! You could totally get in on flower vases like this. :)
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I always added lace to the embroidery hoop to sort of finish off the entire piece.  I always felt the wooden, or plastic edges of the hoop looked too "hard".    Oh honey, I learned to iron when I was a little girl. My mom started teaching me to iron by having me iron tea towels, and pillow cases.  Not too bad if you scorch one here and there till you learn.  :nod: :rofl:  I actually enjoy ironing. It is an activity that you get an immediate positive effect that you can see. 

It is my pleasure!
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:eager: I agree! Just a hoop with nothing on it feels so unfinished! It's gotta have something cute to finish it off if it's going to be framed that way, unless the feel is to totally be minimalistic. Even then at least a ribbon to clean up the back.

:la: You're right on the instant gratification of ironing! But then the instant :stare: when picking the piece up and creating new wrinkles immediately. I have a washing machine right behind my ironing board here at home, so I try to move the piece while it's still hot to the cool metal so everything will set quickly. :lol:
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I understand! 
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I've embroidered a table cloth with that technique, so I know how much bloody work this is. Good for you to still finish it! And too bad that your mom doesn't want it. I had the same kind of love-hate relationship with my table cloth, but mom has it and appreciates it. Your piece looks great, you can't really tell from the pictures that you were a newbie at it. I'm not a fan myself of pre-printed fabric, but this one looks great.

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At least your mom likes the table cloth! :love:

Thanks so much for your compliments. :) Each time I look at these photos I'm like, "agh, this could have been cleaner, that's all wrong there," but I really appreciate the support you and others have been giving me for the quality. It does boost my ego. :heart:

The preprinted fabric is definitely not my first choice but it works for this piece, totally. :love:
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Stunningly beautiful work, love it. :clap: :clap: :clap:
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This looks amazing :D
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You're welcome ;)
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Omgg the detail, the colors, the beauty!. This is wonderful art! ❤❤❤
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Ooohhh... so this is the embroidery version of their cross stitch kit!

Honestly, what you made is really beautiful! 
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It is!! :la: I've seen the cross-stitch out but I have yet to see the embroidery for sale again.
Thank you! :love:
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