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Five Delicious Coffee Patterns


Buy the patterns here:…

Many thanks to Magical525, Mattsma, jijikit, Katjakay, and Fusainne for creating sample stitches for me. :)
Cute Coffee Cup Magnets by pinkythepink
Here's a very quick collaboration piece between myself and SometimesKosm of Tumblr ( ). I finished these patterns many months ago during tax season and recruited my stitchy friends to help me make samples.

They're itty bitty patterns inspired by Brooke's Books putting out a coffee pattern of her own. I had the coffee artwork from Kos and decided I really wanted MORE coffee patterns, especially small quick ones to stitch that would work on perforated paper or plastic. This was a massive challenge for me since I love my partial stitches and designing around that constraint made me buggy. Like, the patterns do not look exactly like the art?!?!?!!?!!11 But they're close enough while being easy so, yep. Yep. There you go.

32 Coffee Beans by pinkythepink Warm Wishes Coffee Card by jijikit Rose Teapot Tissue Box by pinkythepink Always Time for Tea by pinkythepink Coffee Ballerina Bead Dress by pinkythepink
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Nice :) Now I really feel like a cup of coffee :D
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:D Thanks! Time to go get that cup!
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Every change of something from one medium to another has its pros and cons (hand-drawn to CG, sketch to colour, design to stitch, etc.)
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All of these are so cute!  I can upload mine now? please emote 
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Thanks jiji! :D Yes you can!
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Lovely works Love  
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This one was fun! I think I'll have to do the others some time too ^_^
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:la: Thank you for helping me out!
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No problem at all, I'm always happy to help...if I can fit it into my schedule, haha :D
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