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Can't See the Forest for the Trees


The day after my great grandmother died, back in 2012, my mom saw a photo of a cardinal on some snowy trees via Facebook and liked it so much she had two canvas prints made. She says it reminded her of gma, something I can't particularly relate to, but because Mom said that now every time I see a similar image I think of her too.

Color Total: 9
Bead Sizes: 2
Bead Color Total: 2
Bead Total: Let's be honest I don't count the beads anymore
Size: 5x5 inches
Time Total: 30 Hours
14 count blue perforated paper
This is a Mill Hill kit.
Owl Familiars Xstitch Patterns (Callupish) by pinkythepink Peacock on Pink and White Flower Branch by pinkythepink Duke Waxeye, Friendly Chirpy (GraniteFire) by pinkythepink Henry the Rooster by pinkythepink Sixteen Songbirds by pinkythepink Bird Notebook by pinkythepink
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Image size
1200x1900px 1.3 MB
Shutter Speed
1/60 second
Focal Length
10 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jul 28, 2018, 3:59:16 PM
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This is wonderful :)
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You're welcome Hug  :)
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I especially the addition of the button. Perhaps to make it more cohesive it needs a red painted wooden frame? Anyway, I like it!

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A red frame would really pull it together! :D Thanks!
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Love this so much! The 3D details are stunning
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:love: Thank you! Without the beads I think this piece woulda been really a bit too boring for me to pick up. :)
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I see your point, they make it really stand out. I tryed working with beads once or twice, but it never turned out good. I think I'm bad at picturing exactly where I want them and make them stay there.
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Give it some practice time for sure! :) For my embroidery, I started by replacing french knots with beads. Then as I've gone on sometimes I switch a small detail section from X's to beads instead.

As far as making them stay, I offer you my own humble tutorial. :)
How to Embellish with Beads the Mirabilia Way by pinkythepink
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Well now I'm sure to give it another try someday! :-D thank you!
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I love the beading details! That's subtle but really, really pretty!
Maybe it's just me, but I find the cardinal standing out a little too much. The contrast is just a bit too high! But hey, that might just be me. ^^; 

It's a beautiful piece! :w00t:
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It is just you :v
nah just kidding it's fine, the red is really stark but I chose the piece because of it, since the photo of the cardinal it reminds me of is the same way

:hug: thanks Sini
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Yup... I am pretty sure it's just me. ;) 

You are more than welcome! 
Even if I can't quite respond to all of your work, please know that I will always be in awe of your sewing skills! :w00t:
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And the same to you my friend :hug:
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The trees are be
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I loved the trees alone...but with the cardinal and the story to go with it, it's just so sweet <3
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