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Miniature Bead Dresses
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Hannah Alexander Cross Stitching Patterns

NouveauPrincess XstitchPatterns (HannahAlexander)1 by pinkythepink, visual art

Alphonse Mucha Cross Stitching Patterns

Primrose 1899 (Alphonse Mucha) by pinkythepink, visual art

Frenone World of Warcraft Cross Stitch Patterns

Ysera Xstitch Pattern - WoW with Frenone by pinkythepink, visual art

Bunei's Eeveelutions Cross Stitch Patterns

Full Set of Bunei's Eeveelutions Xstitch Patterns by pinkythepink, visual art

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A stitch here, a stitch there.
Glitter Vomit by UnicornReality

Favourite TV Shows
Twin Peaks ; Adventure Time ; Monty Python's Flying Circus ; Star Trek Next Gen ; Fargo
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Haken ; Roger Waters ; Trent Reznor ; Peter Gabriel ; Robert Fripp ; Dream Theater ; King Crimson
Favourite Books
Atlas Shrugged ; The Dresden Files ; Catch-22 ; Anthem ; Darkspawn
Favourite Games
RPGs ; Lost Odyssey ; Xenoblade ; Zelda ; Final Fantasy Tactics ; Eternal Darkness ; Pokemon ; Dragon's Dogma ; Sims ; Elder Scrolls ; Fallout ; Baldur's Gate
Tools of the Trade
Thread, Cloth, Beads, Needle, Digital Camera, Scanner, HobbyWare's Pattern Maker Pro
Other Interests
Butterflies, roses, lace, dresses, cats, glitter, pink, strawberries, space, lizards
I don't know why the DDs for May aren't appearing on my post feed so here's a direct link!
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Merida finish!! :la:
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I like to plan things. I like making lists and figuring out priorities and organizing all of the pieces into viable tasks. I also tend to overstack my plate with optimism that finishing them all is totally realistic, when it may not be at all. My current top priorities of my to do list have been posted in the newsletter, but for convenience I'll summarize here: Set 10 (Hannah Alexander) Set 11 (Hannah Alexander) Sylvanas (Frenone) 38 more Frenone patterns (two card decks worth total) Consideration of cardback art 4 Queens (Euclid's Triangle) Holiday Dragons (Sandara) Various artwork of my Original Character Aerie (5 more listed in newsletter, but now likely 4 after consideration) Sailor Moon bead dress pendants (14 color palettes) Agitha bead dress project Outside of shop matters I have: Three dog collars Two remaining physical xstitch commissions due this year A small stack of vintage clothing mending And a list that's too long to bullet point here for personal projects without
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DD Suggestions

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Thank you so much for the DD and the support!:flirty:

Thank you for the faves :heart:

Thank you again for your support !

The Lighthouse

Thank you so much for featuring my work to DD again! :hug: :love:

:glomp: You're welcome! Keep up the excellent work

I'll try :D