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Dark Tails Unleashed~ Chapter 1 Page 6 by TheCareBearGirl Dark Tails Unleashed~ Chapter 1 Page 6 :iconthecarebeargirl:TheCareBearGirl 10 28
Kirito/S.A.O x Reader Episode 12
Kirito/S.A.O x Reader
Episode 12
Yui’s Heart
November, 1, 2024   Floor 1: The Town of Beginnings
You Kirito, Yui, Asuna and the teacher from earlier all sat in a crowded place with a bunch of smaller kids. It looked like an orphaning of sorts.
“This is… Amazing.” Kirito said.
“Yeah, it’s like this everyday.” The teacher said. “Is Yui-chan okay?” She asked.
“She got a good night sleep, as you can see; it helped.” Kirito answered her.
We all looked over t her, happily sitting down, eating.
“Has she ever done something like that before?” She asked, referring to ‘that’ as when she flipped out yesterday.
“We don’t know. When we found her, she was wandering around the forest on the 22ed floor. It seems she has lost her memories.” Asuna said.
“Oh my.” The teacher sai
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Kirito/S.A.O x Reader Episode 11
Kirito/S.A.O x Reader
Episode 11
The Girl of Morning Dew
October 25, 2014    Floor 22
You smiled brightly at the two of them, Asuna and Kirito. “So the house is over there and the people here are really nice. Hope you guys have the best of time!”
“Thank you (y/n), and we will!” Asuna smiled at you then pulled you into a deep hug.
“Okay, well I got to get going now. Bye guys.” You let go of Asuna and waved to them where you stood on the teleport gate before leaving.
“Oh (y/n). She’s so nice. She helped us get a house here to rent on floor 22.” Asuna said to Kirito.
“Yeah, usually renting out a house for a while here cost a lot.” He said back.
“Yeah, but let’s not waste our time here, c’mon lets get going!” She ran for the house they were staying at and Kirito followed.
While they were spending their honeymoon being comfy cozy, you left to go leveling up. Kirito and Asuna spent every dyein
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Kirito/S.A.O x Reader Episode 10
Kirito/S.A.O x Reader
Episode 10
Crimson Killing Intent
The word got around fast that Kirito was going head to head with Heathcliff, or the leader of the ‘Knights of the Blood Oath’. Asuna contacted you to tell you about what was happening. You knew all about the deal between Kirito and Heathcliff for Asuna. “Damn,” You let out a sigh while walking to go meet up with them. “Kirito one day you will get yourself in too much trouble.”
They even rented out the arena for the fight. But to be fair, this was going to be an epic battle. You had met up with Kirito and Asuna. “My god, you are such an idiot! How could you agree to a duel?!” Asuna yelled at him while you shook your head with disappointment.
“I’m sorry, it’s not like he gave me any other choice.” He tried to defend himself.
Asuna sighed. “The other day, when you used your Duel-wielding skill, I have never seen anything like that before. The thing is the c
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Kirito/S.A.O x Reader Episode 9
Kirito/S.A.O x Reader Episode 9
The Blue-Eyed Demon
“Okay, ready?” He said with his crystal in his hand. You and Asuna nodded. You guys all pushed on the door, weapons and crystals ready.
When you entered the room it was too dark to see anything, you guys stayed in your spots but did pan your head around a bit. “There’s nothing in here.” Kirito said.
You to a few steps forward into the darkness, curiosity taking over you. “Wait.” Kirito grabbed your arm. “This could be dangerous.”
You looked back at him. “Don’t worry, I’m not going in to far, and besides, we need to know what sort of boss we are up against. How else are we gonna know how to beat it?”
“Well, it’s just-” Kirito was cut off by the room starting too lit up. The three of you stopped and looked forward. And in there, nothing you have ever seen before came into sight. Asuna clung to Kirito, who clung to you, who had no one to cling
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Kirto/S.A.O x Reader Episode 8
Kirito/S.A.O x Reader
Episode 8
The Sword Dance of Black and White
You have been down in the dungeons for the most part today. Collecting EP and col (Money). When you went around the corner you saw your favorite sword user, Kirito. “You know, if you keep following me around like this, people will think that you’re not a solo player.”
He jumped a bit. “Oh hey (y/n), grate minds think alike I guess.”
“I guess so.” You ran next to his side. “Have you found the boss room yet?”
“Nope, and I was heading home right now to be honest.” He started walking.
“Oh, I guess I’ll do the same. So, it’s been 2 years, right?”
“Yep, 2 years since this death game has stated.”
“Akihiko Kayaba is out there somewhere. Some times I wonder what he’s thinking.”
“Some times I wonder to.”
October 17, 2024 Floor 74: Dungeon
You and Kirito where walking along in the forest when you hear
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Kirito/S.A.O x Reader Episode 7
Kirito/S.A.O x Reader
Episode 7
The Temperature of the Heart
June 24 2024 Floor 48: Lindas
Asuna sat on a bench and waited for the blacksmith to be done finishing her sword.
“There you go, all done.” She said as she got up and handed her sword back to Asuna.
“You the best Liz, thanks.” Asuna gave Liz the money.
“Sure anytime!” She spoke in a happy tone. “Hey, aren’t you supposed to be hunting with the guild today?” She asked.
“Yeah, but I had to take the day off, I short of have a meeting with someone.” Asuna tilted her head a bit, and Lisbeth saw her ear ring.
An evil grin appeared on her face. “I bet you have a little meeting with someone.” She said as she elbowed her.
“No stop, it’s not like that.” Asuna said. The town bell started to ring. “Oh, I have to get going!” Asuna said as she ran out the door.
“I bet he must be special, who ever he is.” Liz mumbled to her
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Kirito/S.A.O x Reader Episode 6
Kirito/S.A.O x Reader
Episode 6
Illusionary Avenger
“Yolko!” You yelled as you ran towards her as she fell out the window. Then she disappeared. You and Kirito looked down for a bit, and then looked up to see if anyone was here who could have done this. You saw a cloaked figure standing on the roof. “Keep an eye on Schmitt!” You said as you ran out the window to fallow the person. Kirito fallowed behind.
You and Kirito ran faster and were very close to the person. The man soon relisted that we were close, and then got out a teleport crystal. “Hey! Where the Hell do you think you’re going?!” You yelled at him and then he then teleported.
“Shit.” Kirito said.
~time skip~
When you and Kirito opened the door, you saw Asuna. “You idiots, what do you think you were doing!? Anyways, what happened?” She asked.
“We lost him, he teleported off somewhere.” You said as you slumped down.
“Damn, the game was supposed
:iconassassinfox00:AssassinFox00 44 13
Kirito/S.A.O x Reader Episode 5
Kirito/S.A.O x Reader
Episode 5
Murder in the Safe Zone
~March 6, 2024 Floor 56: Pani~
ME and a bunch f other front line players, solo or not where at this meeting. Deciding what to do for the next boss fight.
“Lora it to the village, that’s how we’ll get the boss.” Asuna said.
“What no way!” You stepped in.
“If we do that, then it will go after the villagers!” Kirito added.
“Yes, that’s the point. And while the boss is killing NPC’s, we can attack it.”
“No, NPC’s are not like rocks and trees, the-” Asuna cut Kirito off.
“You think there alive, really? In this game, they are just objects, they can respond, we can’t.”
“I’m sorry; I’m not cool with this plan.” Kirito said opting out.
“Excuse me; I’m the one running this operation. If you have forgotten, I’m number 2 in the ‘Knights of the Blood Oath ‘’ you will lesion to m
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Kirito/S.A.O x Reader Episode 4
Episode 4
The Black Swordsman
‘It has been awhile, but Kirito and I are teaming up to avenge a team. It going to be fun, we get to spend time together.’  “You ready Mayonaka?”
“Woof! Woof!”
“I’ll take that as a yes.
Latter you and Kirito where looking around when you saw a girl in distress, Kirito ran in and saved her.
“Hey, what the hel- oh, hi.” You said feeling most awkward.
The girl started to cry, “Pina. Don’t leave me all alone here. Pina!”
“What’s the feather?” Kirito asked.
“It’s Pina, my best friend.” She said in-between sobs.
“You’re a beast tamer aren’t you? I am to, I’m sorry.”
“I’m sorry to, if I got here sooner, I could save your friend.”
“No, it’s all my fault. It was stupid to think I could make it thought the forest on my own. Thank you for saving me, you did what you could.”
:iconassassinfox00:AssassinFox00 56 32
Kirito/S.A.O x Reader Episode 3
Episode 3
The Red-Nosed Reindeer
“I miss him to Mayonaka.” A few tears ran down your face as Mayonaka had his ears down with a sad face.
“Oh, Cazusan. I’m so, so, so, sorry.” You tucked your knees in and cried you’re self to sleep.
IT has been a few days before the boss fight, the night of Chujitsuna death. He wanted to get the last hit.
‘Why was I so stupid?! Why did I let him do that by him self, I knew he couldn’t do it, I knew! And I let it happen. I promised him I would make sure he would leave this death game, and I failed him.’
*December 24, 2023*
‘The special item will be here soon, and then I can bring back my little brother.’ “You ready Mayonaka?”
He nodded his head. “Good, because it will be here soon.” You equipped a Dragon Soul Sword. ‘His’ sword. Walking a long the town waiting for it to be time. You opened your storage to see what was in, “Mary Christmas Mayonaka,
:iconassassinfox00:AssassinFox00 65 19
Kirito/S.A.O x Reader Episode 2
Episode 2
A whole month had gone by, and 2000 people have died so far. Me and Cazusan are still alive. Kirito and me decided to become solo players, witch meant, we would brake off. I still had my brother so I stayed in a party with him. We have a shared storage so we know what we have and no hiding. I still have Kirito on my friends list, but we don’t talk much, not at all to be honest. Over the time of a month no one had found the first boss until now. We are having a meeting, and of cores, Cazusan would not take ‘no, it’s to dangerous, your no fighting on the front lines’ for an answer.
“Okay people! Now that everyone is here, let’s get this meeting started.” Said the man in the front. You had your hood on so no one would see it was you.
“So anyway I would like to tank everyone for coming, good to see you. My name is Diabel and in this game, the job I rolled is ‘Knight’!”
Everyone started to laugh.
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Kirito/S.A.O x Reader Episode 1
Episode 1
The world of Swords
“Cazusan you ready!”
“You know I am!”
“Meet you in the first town.”
“Got it (y/n)! Meet you there!” He ran out of the room to go start is game. You sat on your bed and put on your head gear.
“Link start!” You where magically transported SAO
You and Cazusan ran threw the villages to find a good training spot, also to tell him the cheat codes, you didn’t really want just anyone knowing them, you didn’t even tell Kirito.
~time skip~
“Good dame it!” Cazusan yelled as the wolf hit him to the ground.
“I don’t think your best taming skills are that high yet, try this.” You walked up to the dog and let him sniff you, Cazusan watched intensely.
“Wow!” He reached for another wolf and let him sniff him, and then it bit him. “Good dame it! Swards fighting is so much essayer!” He got up and walked away.
“Oh, come on Cazusan wait up!”
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Kirito/S.A.O x Reader Episode 0
Kirito/S.A.O x Reader
Episode 0
Beta testing
“(y/n)! (y/n)! Wake up!” Your little brother whined and shook you.
“Mh……What time is it?” You said barely awake trying to sit up.
“It’s 6, but I just looked at your email, you have gotten the letter!”
You suddenly popped up, “I did! Wait, did you hack into my email again?!”
“Sorry (y/n), I was awake, and had nothing else to do, and mine said I didn't get in so, I wanted to know if you did, but I didn’t look at it or anything!”
You ruffled his blond hair. “It’s okay Chūjitsuna, at least you didn't open it.” He looked up at you happily to find his big sis wasn't mad. He was 10 and you were 14. “All right Cazusan, (your nickname for him)” You walked over to your computer sat down on a chair and pull Cazusan onto your lap. “Let’s see what mine says.”
You two have waited a really long time to play Swords Art Onl
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Escape - Kirito (1)
Chapter 1 - Link Start!
       There was absolutely no denying of how perfectly wonderful this day is. The sun was radiating its glorious hues of yellow. The white plumps of clouds were littering the wonderful light shade of the blue sky. The temperature outside was not too hot, nor was it too cold. It was perfectly in the center. This fantastic day could just be spent rejoicing life and heading outside, right? 'Tch.. going outside is for losers.' The [hair-color] grunted, shutting a close to the curtains. Oh, this was just an average day for [Name, Last Name]. It could just be simply summed up as being stuck in her room all day, isolating herself from the rest of this miserable world. [Name] sighed, as she went back to face her computer monitor, continuing to play the game while sipping a cool glass of soda. As it is already depicted, this is the basic life of [Name]. She has played many, many games. A vast majority of them she has already beat
:iconkagomeamii:KagomeAmii 78 89
Winter Bells [ Kirito x Reader ]
Asuna is your very best friend, and you would do anything for her. But would you really? It was December 20th, 2025. It has been a few months ever since Kirito saved Sinon from Death Gun, and a few things have changed. Your VRMMORPG character. Her [short/long], [straight/curly] [h/c] that dances within the wind along with her [color] outfit. Her favorite weapon, [sword/axe/lance/etc] was at her side. She was the most beautiful, and usually other NPC's would swoon over her. She's very skilled, and is unstoppable. [y/n] was walking down the streets of Japan, with a [color] scarf and a casual school outfit. 
"Snow..." She whispered to herself, holding her hands out.
A frozen flake fell onto her petite hands and melted due to her warmth. [y/n] smiled and continued to walk. She was on her way to Kirito's since there was something he'd like to discuss with everyone. Once she had arrived at his place, she walked in and shivered, hugging herself. 
Kirito chuckled,
:iconfloweryflirt:floweryflirt 63 9


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    To those of you that care. I took down all the of the art works people were having problems with. I would delete this account because of everything but I want to keep my favorites. And the drawing I'm keeping on here.
    I also want to say that when I did those art works, I took something amazing or something I like and made it look like my OC. I wasn't trying to say, "Oh hey, this is my design, and I created it all by myself without tracing or anything." As I said, I was taking something amazing or something I like and made it look like my OC. And the only reason I posted them on here is not to take someone elses credit or piss someone off. It was so if my tablet broke, I would still have the drawings I liked and redid.
    Everything that wasn't Eddsworld was on my old tablet, which in fact is broke. So the only drawing I have left from on there are the ones that are still on deviant art. The Eddsworld drawings are on my new tablet, which in fact hasn't broke yet. But being prepared is better. However, apparently not everyone think that, mainly because they were pissed off. And I did go back and add credit to the Eddsworld art works. But apparently no one cares that I fixed it. 
So I hope that clears that up, and I probably won't be logging in to this account anymore so don't try to message me. LIKE AT ALL WHAT SO EVER!!!
To those of you who do care, I'm sorry but I had to. Not only was people getting pissed off at me, but I was feeling depressed about what everyone was saying.

So with that said and done. I'll see ya later miners. Pink Diamondz is out, PEACE!Peace Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Double Peace) [V6] 


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I love to draw. I also love video games. My other name I call myself that is also my YouTube channel name is Pink Diamondz.


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