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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
I begin in the name of Allah.
Peace and hello.

Seeking improvement. Your feedback is always appreciated. To contact me, please email artbyaliya @
38736450 1747121448719607 2314936086339518464 N by pinkyaliya
Sketching in Najaf
July 2018

In the summer of 2010, I made my first trip to Iraq to visit the graves revered by the Shi'i Muslims. Among them is the grave of Imam Ali, the first Shi'i Imam, in Najaf. I remember as a young girl I was very curious and would often wander when I found myself on the top floor of the hotel I was staying at. There I found dozens of oil paintings depicting the tragedy of Karbala when the grandson of the Prophet Mohammad, his family, and friends were brutally martyred and taken captive. That's where I stood, faced the direction of Imam Ali's grave and told him I wanted to paint for him too. Every time I return to the holy city of Najaf I repledge however, this last time was different... 

It's been a testing past few years - physical pain became perpetual and it felt like it was growing worse and more widespread every day. Some days I couldn't walk; I'd collapse on the ground, paralyzed; my chest would feel like it was about to rip apart; my ribs would burn with fire; I was too tired to function; wasn't able to concentrate or understand with a foggy mind; I couldn't hold a spoon etc. However, I hadn't began to worry until I started experiencing intense pain in my fingers and wrists... after all, one's hands define her.

I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and learned that I carry an antigen "HLA B27" that causes me to be prone to inflammation. The latter was an "aha" moment as I had always thought I was born with a crooked spine which caused me immense pain growing up. Easy fix - anti-inflammatories, hot baths, etc. It's the former - fibromyalgia - on top of mental health challenges for the last 7-8 years that worry me. I don't want this to be the reason I stop making art. I made a promise to Amirul Mu'mineen 7-8 years ago that I would make art for him (oddly this was the same time I first began experiencing challenges).
God knows best. 

Send strength, Mawlai. 

Watch this space for more works in the upcoming weeks iA... I can't back down. 


Landscape of Doors: The Truth
Oil on canvas 
August 2018

This is the first of the series. There are so many doors but only one leads to God [that of Prophet Muhammad and his family (pbut)]
When you grow up with people who tell you you’re not allowed to feel anything, to keep quiet about your life, to only act when you’ve been given permission... it’s isolating.


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