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Pinky n Mint: Spring Time B

By pinkx2
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colored version of [this sketch].
I had such a wonderful time doing this.. i thing its the
biggest i have worked in a drawing since the [Pinky :
drawing. i failed at almost everything in the
background bcuz i suck at realism but oh well!!! i tried
so hard! really!. Now, i have to give lot of credits so:

*FLASHBACK by [capsule]
*GAME by [perfume]
*[Yasutaka Nakata]
*[Eureka Seven] Fanart by me.
*[m-flo] "poster"
*[chii] fanart by me "poster"
*Mr. Robot [=MrRobot] fanart by me "poster"
*Pinky, Mint and everything else © [*pinkx2]
*Laptop inspired by my own, wich is a [vaio]

Hope you all like it, and please, dont steal, i didnt
wanted to put a big sign or such in this one, please
respect my work!, kthxbye.
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© 2008 - 2021 pinkx2
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Krizalid9's avatar
Un pulpito? xD

Me gustaron los colores de sus uñas y esos calcetines largos abiertos que lleva en sus piernas/pies.
pinkx2's avatar
si, un pulpo.
Koseruka's avatar
the giant octopus plushie is so adorable! <3
pinkx2's avatar
thanks :) he's mint
Nissa13th's avatar
the background wasn't too bad you just needed more shading.
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loly1998's avatar
Love the detail of her and the room, the color , hte room and OF COURSE HER >3< SO KAWAII I LOVE IT!
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jun3s0ng's avatar
i love love love cute!! and i love that you credited everyone like perfume and capsule ^^ <3
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melonangie's avatar
Excelent work! I love it!
pinkx2's avatar
thank u very much!
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Anime-Dreamer93's avatar
Your welcome! ^__^
doug-rox's avatar
Great work man!
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annaster's avatar
Jumm, colors look like candy,
Can I eat it ?
Futiafox's avatar
OMG!! Ray=out!! Lol I love this picture! and i love her socks.....hehehe.
pinkx2's avatar
hehe thanks!
Anguiad's avatar
Eres un gran artista! Un orgullo para todos los dibujantes mexicanos

Por cierto las calcetas y uñas de Pinky rulean.

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