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Slenderman,bloody murder,Amber,and dark angel are walking back to the house, while dark angel is all tied up, While Bloody murder is carrying dark angel. Bloody murder said "why dark angel is tied up?" "She was running around like a little girl she was trying to get away but I caught her then I tied her up" said slenderman. Bloody murder starts to laugh and he accidentally drops dark angel on floor. Dark angel grows deeply at him and kicks his leg "you son of b*tch!" Bloody murder growls back at her. Slenderman Sighs and picks up dark angel "we're home.." He said. Amber looks at the house she tilts her head to left she said "this is home? It looks....horrible..." Slenderman pets her head and said to her "easy girl or no treats for you" Amber's ears went up she starts to wag her tail "treats?! Where?!". Dark angel rolls her eyes "what a dog..."said dark angel, Amber growls at dark angel deeply "I'm more then a dog....I'm a wolf! Not a dog!" Said Amber. Dark angel smirks and told her "oh really? Can you fetch a ball?" Amber growls deeper and she takes out her add-chain weapon, slenderman takes Amber's weapon away from her and smacks her head "bad girl" said slenderman. Amber blushes and growls at him saying to him "who you calling bad girl?!" She growls more. Slenderman said to them "alright let's go home come on" he picks up dark angel from the floor while she still tied up, Amber crosses her arms growls at him and said to him "I'm staying! I wanna be free!" Slenderman sighs and said to her "come on or do I have to tie you up like dark angel?" Amber growls more at him and she walks away. Slenderman growls Low, drops dark angel,teleports in front of her and ties her up. Amber was shocked and yells at him "what the f*ck?!" Slenderman picks up dark angel and said to bloody murder "hey murder can you carry Amber?" Bloody murder rolls his eyes and sighs "fine...just once...." Said bloody murder, he picks up Amber and carries her back home walking with Slenderman, while dark angel,and Amber tied up..
To be continued...
dark Angel-my friend Elanie 
bloody murder-my friend daniel
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June 9, 2016
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