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bloody murder was in tent with Amber he was telling her "take it easy" Amber said "why should I?" He said "I just want to talk about who we are before dark angel comes.." Amber stairs at him and told him "alright before I eat you..." She growls deep. Bloody murder sighs and steps back "look I'm bloody murder I don't want to fight no one-" Amber stops him talking and told him "if you don't want no fighting then leave..." She growls. "Calm down we didn't mean to come your eating area, we were chasing dark angel because i don't know why but slenderman said we need her.." Said bloody murder. Slenderman grabs bloody murder by the neck and pulls him out tent, bloody murder growls at him and said to him "what the heck?! Why did you do that?!" Slenderman puts him down next to dark angel she all tied up, bloody murder chuckles "why she all tied up?" He said, slenderman answer back "I'll explain later when we get back home, now I need to talk to this Amber creature.." He walks to tent and grabs Amber by the neck pulling her out, Amber growls and trying to scratch him with her sharp long claws yelling at him "let me go! You! You!..." She looks at him then, she stops and stays silent.. Slenderman puts Amber down and told her "now Amber is it?, I want you to come with us" "you can't make me! I live my own! And I hunt by myself!" Says Amber. Slenderman looks at her ears then he starts scratching her right ear. Amber growls at him for a sec then she starts wagging her tail and whimpering. Bloody murder chuckles "so she like a dog?" He said. Slenderman answer back "well she a half wolf but,she acts like a dog." Dark angel growls and tries to get out slenderman looks at her and he smack her head, dark angel yells at him "what the f*ck was that for?!" She growls deep. "Hush child..your scaring the creature away.." Said slenderman. Bloody murder looks at Amber and told her "what's with the bandana coving your mouth?" Amber looks at him she puts her ears down and looks away giving him a mean look, "ummm did I do something wrong??" He said. Slenderman whispers into his ear "just pet her or scratch her ears so she could trust you" bloody murder looks at him confused "what the hell? I ain't touching that monster..." Said bloody murder, Amber growls deep at him. Bloody murder steps back told her "ok I will!" He slowly walks up to her, he reaches his hand to pet her and he gently pets her head. Amber was still growling she looks at his arm then a few seconds she stops growling and she begins to wags her tail. Slenderman told them "alright guys let's go back home before the cops come bloody murder carry dark angel"
Bloody murder said "What?! Why?! Ugh..." He picks up dark angel. Slenderman nods "come on Amber I have a surprise for you" they all left the camp and went to back home 
to be continued...
dark angel-my friend Elanie 
bloody murder-my friend Daniel 
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June 9, 2016
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