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Bloody murder was standing there staring at the creature eating the young boy. Bloody murder steps back quietly but he steps on a broken glass and he made a sound, the creature turns and growls at him, Bloody murder falls backwards and was looking at the creature. The creature walks up to him slowly she was covered in blood she looks like human with wolf ears and a tail and she growls loud at bloody murder. Dark angel was outside of the tent she runs inside and saw the creature and bloody murder, the creature growls deep and blocks the young boy's body. Bloody murder and dark angle was in shock and said "what is that?" and the creature said "I'm Amber what are you doing here can you see am trying to eat a god meal!" bloody murder said "oh we're sorry let's go.." he said to dark angel but dark angel said "what the hell were not going anywhere" dark angel said to Amber. Bloody murder rolls his eyes he gets up and pulls dark angel out tent, dark angel growls at him hitting him with her wings shouting "let me go you jerk! I wasn't done talking to that weird looking creature!" Slenderman teleports to them and grabs them by their necks and told them "what the bloody hell you two been? I thought you two went somewhere else making out..." Bloody murder and dark angel got mad and they said "what?! With this b*tch?! Ew!!" Slenderman sighs "then where you two have been?.." Bloody murder said "I was in a tent I saw this weird wolf human creature eating a young boy's body then this loser! Came in and starts yelling!"
Dark angel got mad and try to punch him "you son of!-" slenderman drops dark angel after she said of. Dark angel said to them "you know what f*ck this am going back to the cave" bloody murder said "no I'm sorry I'm sorry" dark angel stops him and told him "if your really sorry then go talk to that thing so call a creature about the killers" bloody murder said "alright as long as you stay here with slenderman" he crosses his arms dark angel said "alright stop stalling and go talk to that thing" slenderman drops bloody murder then he said "ok" he nods and walks to the tent. Bloody murder walks in the tent he see Amber eating the young boy's body. Amber turns around and growls at him, she walks up to him growling...
To be continued...
dark angel-my friend Elanie 
Bloody murder-my friend Daniel 
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June 9, 2016
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