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The next day everyone was sleeping in  the abandoned house it was night for them slenderman is sleeping on couch in the livingroom....Jeff is snoring in his room with eyeless jack and smile dog and other Creepypastas are sleeping in their rooms....slenderman wakes up early before all of them wakes up before him...he got up and walks out the abandoned house and goes to forest was dark outside you only could see the moonlight flashing down to the ground...slenderman likes to walk around in forest alone stalking his victims and he comes up to a teenage boy and he saw him killing a little girl with his chainsaw and then the teenage boy turned around and looks at slenderman, he was covered in cuts,and scars,his hair was black and red,his eyes are bright red you only can see in dark,he was 6"3 foot tall he was covered with the little girl's blood and then slenderman look at the killer and said "your the one we need,so come with me to a place that has no name" then teenage boy said "why should I?" Slenderman said "because you belong with us" the teenage boy saids "how do I belong with you guys?" Slenderman said "because I already know who you are" the teenage boy says "how do you know who am I?" Slenderman saids "because I just know who you are. your bloody murder"  Bloody murder was shock he did not know what to say or think of he was in a shock mood and then slenderman look at him and said "come with me I have to show you something that will make you impressed by who you are"...... 6 minutes later when they were walking back home slenderman and bloody murder they hear a guy screaming they follow the scream and they follow up to a cave, they see a guy crawling out of the cave, and he was saying "no no please someone help me" he was mumbling, then he sees the other murders, the guy reaches his hand up for help soon as he does that he got dragged in the cave. Slenderman and bloody murder hears a man screaming loudly and bones crunching breaking, when the screaming stops bloody murder was curios and walks up to cave as he was about to walk in the cave 

To be continued.....
Part two is done now we have to do part 3 before we go on summer break 

here part…

bloody Murder- my friend Daniel 
other characters- Creepypastas 
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March 12, 2016
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