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Slenderman arrives to his place while carrying the mystery girl and bloody murder by their necks, when he got to his place he threw bloody murder and the mystery girl at the front door, bloody murder hits the door and the mystery girl fell on him she growls at slenderman giving him an angry look "stop your growing you devil dog..." Slenderman said to the mystery girl "hey! I have a name you know!" She said back to him " didn't told us your were to busy saying sh*t.." He said back to her. "It's...dark angel...." She mumbles. Bloody murder pushes dark angel off him and gets up, Dark angel grows at him said "what the hell dude?!" She got up and punches his arm, bloody murder grows at her rubbing his arm. Slenderman said to them "you two stop go inside to meet everyone..." Dark angel crosses her arms and said to him "make me no face b*tch..." Slenderman walks up to her, and when he about to pick up dark angel she runs away into the forest. Slenderman grows and chases her, bloody murder sighs and follows them. Dark Angel stops running and she saw a two tents covered in blood,there guts everywhere even some in the fire burning,she walked around the camp area looking around,slenderman and bloody murder stops and saw her there bloody murder falls to ground breathing heavily told slenderman "why we have to chase her?" Slenderman said to him "because not shut it someone might been here before us..." He starts to look around. Bloody murder walks into a tent he see blood everywhere he grins when he saw the blood but, he looked back of the tent and he sees a creature eating a young boy 

To be continued....
Dark angel-my friend Elanie 
bloody murder-my friend daniel
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June 9, 2016
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