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Bloody murder was about to walk in cave while slenderman is standing there shaking his head "nope" when bloody murder was about to set his foot in cave all of the suddenly a white hand grabs his ankle and he trips back and fell backwards suddenly a boot stomp on bloody murder's chest hard Bloody murder was trying to take the boot of his chest then bloody murder hears a voice saying "who the f*ck are you?!" Bloody murder was trying to talk but he couldn't he was panting having hard time to breathe then slenderman comes up to them and grabs the girl by the back of her neck and pulled her off Bloody murder then he was trying to catch his breath and he told her "I was trying to tell you something but you won't listen" then she said "well maybe because I don't give a f*ck!" Then bloody Murder said  "Maybe then you should think about what you should saying because you might be in a wreck that you might not like to be in..." The mystery girl said "if I was in a wreck that wouldn't be your motherfucking problem..."slenderman said "why are you back talking to us let ask you something what is your name you stupid b*tch if you don't tell us you will be anle f*ck so hard that you will not shit for a month" the mystery girl gives slenderman a sh*t look "I'll like to see you try you no face B*TCH" she spits on his face, and slenderman growls and let go the girl...while bloody murder was laughing, then slenderman looks at bloody murder and smacks behind his head with his hand, the mystery girl laughs also when slenderman smack him slenderman did same thing also to the mystery girl and grabs bloody murder and her by the neck picking them up he told them "you two better stop fighting like little kids before I'll feed you to smile dog..." Both of them didn't said nothing was looking at each other with a mad look "good now let's go back to my place and I want you two meet the killers" slenderman said..bloody murder rolls his eyes said "great..." Slenderman walks back to his place while holding bloody murder, and the mystery girl by their necks...

To be continued.....
Sorry for the wait ^^
Bloody murder-my friend Daniel 
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June 9, 2016
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