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It was a dark cold night in the forest you can't see anything but just the moonlight shining was so cold outside..I just couldn't help myself...I was almost on my way to my house...but then out of no was so so cold...and then when I got into my house...I saw that thing was that it was scary...I was was tall with a white blank face his arms were touching to ground...he was wearing a suit with a red tie.....I can't stop hearing voices...he came up to me and he said that "your coming with me" I fell on floor I told him "I can't" I was shaking in fear I didn't know what to do...I was scared I passed out......the guy was messing for 3 months...when he woke up at 3am in the morning he stood up...he was tied up..then he saw him..once more, when the tall man went to him..he said "I'm your worst nightmare they call me one can't find you here....your safe now..." Then the man told him "I want to go home now!" He yelled at him...but slenderman said "no once you go to the after life tell Jeff I said hello" the man yells out "No! Let me go! I'm not safe here! Let me go now!" slenderman whispers into his ear said "it too late for safety goodbye..." Slenderman was gone just for now...but then something else happened...the man's body was Turing into something routing his hair was turning long and black his eyes leads are falling off and then all sudden he started hearing someone laughing...and then...his cheeks was cut open and his mouth was covered in blood... his face was tearing looked burn...and then he woke up...and said "I'm back" he got up with his two bare feet...and he was running...and then...he found a sharp knife in the middle of the ground and Jeff said "revenge is bitch" after Jeff has done his dirty work...he was happy...and he wanted more blood on his hands and more fun...he has people's guts on his hands...after all his killing..he started hearing voices...and he..was saying "who is that?" And then they whisper in his ear saying "come back with us" Jeff said "who are you guys?" And they whispering in his ear saying that "I am your safer" and jeff went on his knees laughing he wanted more evil...then he followed the whispering voice..and then the whispering voice stop he heard something.."turn around" Jeff turned around he saw him Jeff looked at him Jeff was smiling he said "who are you?" The tall man said "I'm slenderman" Jeff looks at him and but slenderman uses his powder to make him to pass out and then when he wakes up..Jeff see....eyeless jack,Ben drowned,smile dog,the rake,masky,hoodie,jane the killer,and slenderman Jeff was confused why everyone was around him...staring at him Jeff said "what's going on?" slenderman said to him "we miss you Jeff...welcome the dark forest" 

To to be continued...
The story is done:dummy: part two is coming soon

slenderman,Jeff,Ej,Ben,The take,smile dog,jane,hoodie,masky
story made by~me,and my friends Elanie and Daniel
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February 5, 2016
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