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Diamond the WitchFox by Pinkwolfly Diamond the WitchFox by Pinkwolfly
I finally update her! I really want to have A witch oc so I was thinking why not make one of my old Oc’s into a witch? So I did! Enjoy!

Basic info about her-
Real Name: Diamond (I quit not sure her last name but she has same as Ivan’s)
Gender: Female
 Nickname(s): Witch Fox
 Age: 27
 D.O.B: July 13, 1993

About her-
Personality: She Strict towards to her family want everyone to be safe and healthy, she can be kind towards others, and She is a Vegetarian
Language: English
Hair: Dark red
Eyes: Amber color
Accessories: Wedding ring,Fingerless glove,Scarf around her head (whatever it calls), Moon necklace and two golden bracelets
Likes: playing with her spells,going to Spa,talking to her family,reading,and Berries
Dislikes: dark magic,Meat,loud noises while she reading,and others touching her staff
Fear(s): using dark magic and heights
Hobbie(s): Witchcraft
Weapon(s): Staff
Occupation: librarian

Relationship: married to Ivan-OWCAAgentMatt
Orientation: straight
Friends/allies: Jenny,Vanessa-Pinkwolfly
Enemies: Crystal,Sky and Katie-Pinkwolfly
Mother- Two mothers, both are alive
Father- doesn’t have a father
Sister(s)- Bella the fox-Pinkwolfly
Brother(s)- N/A
Other member(s):
Daughter(s)- Victoria-Pinkwolfly
Son(s)- Roman-OWCAAgentMatt
Mother in-law- Tiffany-PinkWolfy
Father in-law- Matthew-Pinkwolfly

physical feature-
Species/race: Witch fox
Height: 5’3
Weight: 101lbs
Scars: N/A
Tattoos: Moon and sun back of her shoulder
Other marks: N/A
Special Item(s): N/A
Blood type: red
Strength: magic and sneaking
Weakness: -Processing-

Back story:
the story is going to be short

Diamond was once an orphan when she was born until age of 2. Diamond was left in a basket at the orphanage. She got adopted by two married witches. Later on her mothers adopted another kid named Bella. Bella and diamond became very good sisters. Diamond was raised as a witch by her two mothers. She was homeschooled from kindergarten to Senior year. As she grows older she left the house at the age 19 to live with her boyfriend Ivan and They got married at the age 23. They both had two kids at the age 25. Diamond is still hasn’t stop being a witch until this day.

Facts about her:
-She doesn’t own a broom
-Wears her hood outside of her house
-owns a crystal ball in her room
-she owns a hat but doesn’t wear it

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