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Creepypasta oc-Twisted Tina by Pinkwolfly Creepypasta oc-Twisted Tina by Pinkwolfly
Basic info about her-
Real Name: Tina sharp
Creepypasta name: Twisted Tina
Gender: female
 Meaning to Name: tortured her victims by twisted thier bones unlit it snaps
Saying: Every Madness Has Thier Own Twist
 Nickname(s): little Tina (given by silent killer-Pinkwolfly)
 Age: 14
 D.O.B: April 6, 2002
 Status: unknown

About her-
Personality: She could be quite, a bit playful at sometimes and may look nice girl but deep inside of her she has killer mode that is insane, childish, when she snaps she tends to kill, won't stop until she pass out
Language: English
Hair: braid long brown
Eyes: light blue
Outfit: Blue sweater,mint color shirt,light blue jeans, and grey boots
Accessories: half mask of a bear
Likes: smell of blood,playing games,bears,and her stuff bear toy Mr. Stuffy,playing hide n seek
Dislikes: ignored by others, losing Mr. Stuffy, and getting into trouble
Fear(s): losing her parents and love ones, bats and Xaco-PurpleGuytheKiller
Hobbie(s): N/A
Weapon(s): Bladed dart
Where she lives: in a valley where is a stone house, next to lake,forest
Occupation: N/A

Alliance: One eye kid-Pinkwolfly
Relationship: single
Orientation: straight
Friends/allies: (open) One eye kid-Pinkwolfly , soul taker-PurpleGuytheKiller
Enemies: (open)
Mother- painless Payton-PurpleGuytheKiller
Father- silent killer-Pinkwolfly
Sister(s)- N/A
Brother(s)- N/A
Other member(s): N/A

physical feature-
Species: half human half spirt
Height: 5'2
Weight: 101 lbs
Scars: 3 on her right leg
Tattoos: N/A
Other marks: Baggy eyes (doesn't sleep that much)
Special Item(s): Mr.stuffy
Blood type: red
Strength: her sense of smell, can smell blood 4m away(when in her kill mod),very sneaky,very skilful at stitching(since her father does a lot of stitching)
Weakness: holy water, salt,can still get kill or injure,can't control her sprite abilities when she can't control her motions

Back story: Tina sharp is raised by a Spirit mother, and a father that kills,she started seeing bloody gore at the age 5, it all happened day after Christmas,Tina and her family went to mountains to play in the snow,it was night time Tina left her toy outside of her tent, so she went outside and saw blood on the snow a trail of blood leading in the forest she followed the trail of blood and saw her father murdering two men,after her father was done murdering them Tina asked her father "why did you kill them?" Her father told Tina "they were mean guys and were trying to attack us" (he made up a lie) then Tina asked her father she wants to be like him, so her father raised her like a killer,but her mother is not liking it so she trying to raise Tina not to kill but her father still continues

Goal/Reason to Kill: was raised by killers and can't control her killing

How she kills: she tortured and twists her victim's bones unlit it snaps,or sometimes use her bladed dart

Facts about her:
-kills people smell of blood or seeing to much bloody gore
-has a crush on one eye kid-Pinkwolfly
-when ever she in killer mode her eye color goes lighter,wears her mask and her hair tends to get messy

Twisted Tina::iconpinkwolfly: and :iconpurpleguythekiller:
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June 17, 2017
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