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Cp Oc-Silver Axe Man by Pinkwolfly Cp Oc-Silver Axe Man by Pinkwolfly
I redesigned Him, what do you guys think?

Basic info about him-
Real Name: silvester smith
Creepypasta name: The silver axe man
Gender: male
 Meaning to Name: in his hometown they call him that because of his name and his eyes, So axes are silver
Saying: "Its chopping time"
 Nickname(s): Silver
 Age: 32
 D.O.B: September 8 1985
 Status: Alive

About him-
Personality: gets angry easily, also he can't be kind to others, but silvester isn't like that to everyone. He only acts like that to strangers. He gets stress out, and he a heavy sleeper. At the end of a day he tends to smile to forget the bad stuff.
Language: English
Hair: black
Eyes: grey
Outfit: flannel red shirt, white T-shirt underneath,grey/blue overalls, and red boots
Accessories: full black leather gloves,and a mask (shown in the drawing)
Likes: the smell of wood,nature,creeping out on girls,
Dislikes: remembering his hometown,getting reminded about his face,removing his mask off in front of others.
Fear(s): sleeping,and falling in love
Hobbie(s): N/A
Weapon(s): Large axe
Where he lives: he doesn't have a spot to stay
Occupation: Proxy of circusman- MrsScarletAkatsuki

Alliance: N/A (open)
Relationship: single (he not interest being in a relationship)
Orientation: straight
Friends/allies: (Open),
-Mr.Crow,Peter & Headless Woodsman-PurpleGuytheKiller
Enemies: (open)
Mother- died of sadness
Father- passed away
Sister(s)- died during birth
Brother(s)- N/A
Other member(s): unknown

physical feature-
Species/race: human
Height: 5'6
Weight: 119 lbs
Scars: N/A
Tattoos: N/A
Other marks: huge burn mark on half of his face and also over his eye
Special Item(s): A photo of his wife and son
Blood type: Normal
Strength: cutting things and Dodging attacks expect for guns and arrows
Weakness: Guns and Arrows

Back story:

Proxy story:
Silvester got out the forest and he was far away from his hometown. He was covered of his co-worker's blood, his flannel shirt and blue/grey overalls has blood all over except for his face. Silvester has stopped in front of a circus tent, he hides behind the tent and he sat on the ground. He looked at his large axe still covered in blood. Silvester notices a brown red mask with scratches on the mask, one of the eye has many tears also the mouth. Silvester took the mask and he hides it underneath his shirt. Silvester's was falling asleep but he trying to stay awake to see no policeman catches him. He couldn't help it then he fell asleep.
Silvester woke up an 1 hour later, he hates himself now for sleeping. He gets up to find another place to stay, but he was stopped from a tall man wearing a black and gold ringmaster outfit, his skin was pale white, and with black eyes (Circusman). He thought he was wearing a costume and a mask. Silvester was backing up thinking he going to call the cops, then Circusman notice his bloody clothes, his large axe and his burn mark on his half of his face. Silvester saw him looking down at his clothes and large axe, he slowly rise his large axe, then his mask slide down from his shirt and fell on the ground. Circusman picks up the mask with his long white tentacle arm and he looks at the mask. Circusman introduces him to Silvester and asks him to join with him to the circus and for killing. At first Silvester denied him, he wouldn't kill anyone he's not a murder.
On the next day Silvester was staying a abandoned apartment just for awhile until he thinks a plan to leave without no one notices him. He has been regretting everything on the past, he keeps telling himself its his fault that his family died. When night hits Silvester felt angry, he remembers that his Co-worker was involve as well. Silvester has been punching every wall around the abandoned apartment room to let the angry out, but it wasn't working. He looked at his large axe, he picked up. He had an idea to let out his angry even though he knows its not a good idea but his angry was controlling him. So he went outside to find someone to kill. He found a small little blue house, he went inside the house and started killing a old couple. When he was done killing he was calm and glad, he felt good after killing the old couple. The day after he killed the old couple he feels better, now he wants to kill more to release all of his angry and regret from all the pass years, from high school to yesterday. Even though he didn't had much regrets and angry problems but he did had fun killing and chopping people's body part. Silvester has been doing this for the 5 days straight, he had any sleep, Silvester didn't had time to sleep and also he keeps having the same dreams over and over. when ever he gets angry he goes out and kill to let it out. On the 6th day Silvester was still living at the apartments and notices someone was watching him while he cleaning his axe. He looked around the room and saw Circusman was watching him. Circusman was watching Silvester from the start, when he killed the old couple. Circusman walks up to Silvester and asks him to join him one more time. For a long pause Silvester nods his head and agrees to join with him, Circusman took out the mask when Silvester had forgotten and Silvester takes it then he puts it on.

Goal/Reason to Kill: he got addicted to killing and he has to kill because he a proxy of Circusman

How he kills: he chops off his victim's head with his large axe. After that he chops off their arms,legs and body for fun.

Facts about him:
-always wears his masks
-carries a photo of his family in his pocket every time
-even though he scared to sleep, he passes out and sleeps. Next day we wakes up and hates himself for sleeping
-when ever he gets angry he goes out and kills to let out his angry

Silver Axe Man::iconpinkwolfly:
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4xmembersxcps Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2018  Student Artist
wow like RedX she gets angry easily
PurpleGuytheKiller Featured By Owner Edited Nov 3, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
He looked amazing and perfect. 

First, could he be friends with Headless Woodsman? ( both are actually similar. ) purpleguythekiller.deviantart.…

Second, could I make a girlfriend for him ? 
Pinkwolfly Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you 


well he going to be single for his life. He doesn't want to have a date after his wife
PurpleGuytheKiller Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
No problem 


Okay. I understand 
MrsScarletAkatsuki Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017  Student Artist
This is awesome!!!
Pinkwolfly Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you c;
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