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Spunky Pinkuh Colab: Nightmare

Coloring Colab Between me and Spunky!

It was supposed to be in the AC art show but that fell through :D

So I post it here ^_^

:iconspunkywulf: Linework
:iconpinkuh: Color :D
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i love the ninja duck! SO CUTE!!!
SusanotheSandileKing's avatar
Welcome to your Nightmare, :icondragongrin: XD
5V5's avatar
Beautiful colouring. I did a little collab with Spunky but I apparently coloured It wrong.. I love how you did the fur on the chest and the shadow of the claw against the wall. But that is one hell of a night light! O.=.o
Miku-Nyan02's avatar
death2726's avatar
teh wolf is BADASS!

also reminds me of me..kinda.instead of a lid being my target, its an enemy. *evil thoughts*
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RockBossKiller's avatar
DAWW~ that's so cute! >u< beautiful detail also. :D
Cerbii's avatar
o__O This looks so awesome :3 :+fav: for sure^^
ibmf's avatar
so the naja and wolf attck the little kid is that why you call it nightmare?
Dimitrio-M-Vetarona's avatar
And now, lil' Spunky knows that you shouldn't drink so much juice before bedtime.
wolfer-2's avatar
ahahah, looks great X3

great work to both of ye! XD
SpiffyFox's avatar
Haha, that's just fun XD Awesome work.
elmazezee's avatar
that monster reminds me of a dog i used to have. bloody thing was reincarnated into a cow lololol!!!!:D
SkormOfNight's avatar
wtf!? I never knew penguines can be supper ninjas!
roothragon's avatar
Woah, multi-fanged monster! NEAT!
ShadowTheHedgehog16's avatar
ardashir's avatar
The odd thing is, this is almost exactly what happened to me when I was very young.

No, seriously, once as a child I thought I saw the Black Dog. In my own /house/, no less.
Hellawulf's avatar
This is adorable.
kurayamiryu888's avatar
Very nice work, but shouldn't you signature be on it too, Pinkuh? *tries to find it* You two should work together more often~ *hugs both*
Pinkuh's avatar
My sig is on there... it's just hidden :3
kurayamiryu888's avatar
Wait...In it's usual box form with Japanese kana? Or in standard English text form under the nightlight~
Pinkuh's avatar
Standard English under the nightlight :3
kurayamiryu888's avatar
Awwww... ^.^ heehee. Very nice job. What program do you use, by the way?
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