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I am highly Patriotic, which is a fact that not allot of people know about.

Patriotism means many different things to me.

It doesn't mean following a leader mindlessly, it means supporting the core of the country and the values it was built on. It means having a mind enough to know when something isn't right, and trying to see your way out of it.

Sam Fisher (Till double agent) Represented everything I thought was patriotic. A one man army silently protecting the country and it's citizens.

When I found out the story behind Double agent I was rather crushed, and I was hoping they were going to take it into a different direction then the one where they lead it.

Sam fisher would have been more then crushed by his Daughters Death. I was honestly hoping that his daughters death would send him into a depressed funk where he totally defied 3rd echelon on his own >_< Not on orders.

This drawing was started 2 years ago... and I wanted to make it a Tribute to Sam's Daughters Death. I constantly picked it up... and then set it aside again. Finally I found it again and I knew what I wanted to do with it

So here is where it stands.

It's a Tribute to Freedom and it's slowly waining hold on the populace of my country.
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Go see the old gen xbox version of Double agent, You may like it better.
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powerful drawing. glad you finished it
Just want to say that in conviction I think Sam actually does turn away from 3rd echelon on his own and goes rouge
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This looks great! Nice work!
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It's beautiful.

And I agree with you on Double Agent.
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Fuck! I'm not American but i can feel Patriotism piercing into my ass!:analprobe:

I disturbingly feel proud of it!:salute:
You should too!

BTW: I fuking love Splinter Cell, can't wait for the next one to be made.
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There's so much I want to say about how this picture makes me feel ......but words fail me.
This is a powerful picture to me.
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I'd like to meet the scriptwriter of Double Agent...really, I do...

So that I can SHOOT HIM. )=<

In my head, in my little Splinter Cell world, Double Agent never happened and the main character in that was some other agent. Because it's just too...stupid. Sarah's death - or imminent death - could have been a way of expressing Sam's emotions, or better yet, allowing the player to decide how Sam should react. Given the choice in the middle of a mission to save sarah or save the world.

The more I think of it, the more I hate Ubisoft Shanghai. *sigh*

In other news, this is a great piece. :D
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I wish there was a way to 'super fave' something
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Martin Caya would be proud! ;)
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I know how you feel Patriotism seems on the way out the door. I served this country and hate seeing were its going
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this is korea using heathers account. I understand your talkings of this sam fisher. For me, it is Solid Snake that makes me proud to be an American
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Y'know, I've never played any Tom Clancy games. I've thought about it, but never did. I was always worried it'd be too complicated and hard for me, and the demo of Rainbow Six:Vegas just reinforced that idea. Never knew.

Oh, and very good pic. Really really good. ^_^
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I applaud your brand of patriotism. It would be nice if the p-word was more frequently associated with rationale, and less frequently with imperialism.
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good work and well said.
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Very nice, although something about Sam's face seems a little off; less squared off and lean than in the game, I guess.
I happened to like some parts of the SC:DA plot (360 version). For the first time, it seemed like Sam was making his own decisions, with all the attendant conflicts, rather than being a pawn. If anything, I think the increased freedom he has allows him to be more patriotic.
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>Sigh< I know what you mean about the waining hold... As one who fights to protect our freedom, I am sometimes sickened as I realize that more and more of our country just doesn't realize how much they have. A short trip to Iraq will change anyone's view as to the type of country we have the honor of living in. Always remember those who gave their lives to protect our freedom.
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Wow, beautiful work! I love the concept.
Yeah...I didn't like Double Agent. Hopefully, Conviction will be good. =)
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I just started playing thouse again there some of the best spy games
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Same Fisher is the man
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That is EXCELLENT! I love it! :D
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The tears look like cum. It's rather distracting.

The combat harness is too flat and rubbery, as does the rest of the suit; Yes, the wetsuit should look like rubber, but the rest should not.. The flag only has 11 stripes and what looks like 49 stars. No SC-20K on the back?
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