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Vinyl Scratch Cosplay



(the way the plushie's feet are stretched in the picture on the left is on purpose, it can also stand normally. ;) )

..If DJ Pon3 was human, she would wear Cyberlox. definitely. ;)
This picture is for :iconmlp-cosplay: 's contest, they need a picture of the full outfit and a description of how i made it :)

Hmm, how should I explain how I made it..
The top and pants are sewn by me. they are out of PVC which is pretty difficult to work with. even though i bought special sewing machine parts just for this purpose, it still often got stuck to the fabric while sewing, but I somehow managed to pull it off. Which makes me extra proud 8D there are lots of white studs and spikes on the top which i spent a long time putting on (you can see them better here [link] , but the spikes aren't attached yet on this picture),the back of it has an opened zipper attached :)

The pants (hotpants,actually) were the first ones I ever made, they have a zipper and a button to open and they work and fit perfectly *_* (it's a good feeling to have accomplished that,you know xD)
The two back pockets have Vinyl's cutie mark on them. The marks are out of PVC and are sewn on with a zigzag stitch.
The fluffy boot covers are..fluffy. xD :iconyoudontsayplz:

The Cyberlox (that's the jellyfish on my head) are also made by me, i attached them to a blue wig and also sewed on a plush horn and ears (they are the same size as the plushie's :3)
Parts of this outfit that I purchased and did not make myself are the white leggings, the white fishnet top and the glasses.

I made the plushie aswell, took me 2 days just for drawing the pattern. I think making the whole thing took me about one week.

It think that pretty much sums it up, if there are any more questions, feel free to ask :)
More pictures of the cosplay and the plushie can be found in my gallery <3
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This is very good but I'm quite confused why this popped up when I searched: "jellyfish plush" XD