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Magnetic Shiny Galvantula plush I Pokemon

By PinkuArt

SHINY. GALVANTULA. Finally finished!! 💛

Comes with 3 special effects!

1: It’s magnetic, and can ride on a person’s shoulder. 

2: All limbs are wired and fully posable.

3: ???- Revealing this one later. 👀

(The "bush" also has soft wiring on the inside for stability, it can be mildly posed.)


Here’s a video showcase of Galvantula!

→…   </b>

I’ll post even more content like this outside of DA soon. :)


The commissioner named this shiny gal “Gyaru”! I’m really proud of how she turned out. My most interactive plush so far!
And duuuuude,  it’s so much fun to walk around with her. Definitely giving this magnet technique another go with future plushies! Hnnn. The Cosplay possibilities. 🤩

There is tons of “Making of” footage on my social Media! Most of it consists of videos which I could not post here. Links are below!


Fun facts:

- She weighs ~480g / 1.06 lbs.

- Making her come to life took a total of 66.2 hours. (Not counting any time taken for photo / video shoots.)

-Out of that, ~10h were spent on making the magnets and wires functional. 



Length: ~35cm / 13.8"  (Measured from "bush"--> claw tip)

Width: ~35cm / 13.8" ("Standard" leg positioning)

Max width, legs stretched: ~44.5cm / 17.5"

Length, main body only: ~25cm / 9.8"

Width, main body only: ~16cm / 6.3 inches

Front claw length: ~14.5cm / 5.7"

Side leg length: ~21cm / 8.3"

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:bulletpink: Plush shop 

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:bulletgreen: E-mail: :heart:

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Galvantula and Pokemon belong to The Pokemon Company - the plush, its pattern and the pictures are created by me. 

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Kyoshyu's avatar

It's cute. :3

ronekimew's avatar
this really turned out fantastic, I would be willing to commission one from you at some point ^^
PinkuArt's avatar

Thank you, happy to hear! :)

If you'd like a Galvantula price quote for future reference, feel free to message me with your country. :heart:

ronekimew's avatar
Thank you, I will remember to do that
BrainNectar's avatar
This is awesome! Galvantula is one of my fav all times.
awesomeadam32's avatar
Yep my aracnitcphobia has kicked in?
PinkuArt's avatar

Do you comment this on any spider-related piece of art you happen to come across? 🤔

HappyKittyPlushies's avatar
So adorable and high quality!! I LOVE it so much!!
PinkuArt's avatar
ShierakQiya's avatar
RoseLee1995's avatar
That’s a fantastic Plush!! Did you do it for commission or are you selling it? How do you sell things on DeviantArt? Do you do it right on the side or do you have people go to a website of yours?
PinkuArt's avatar

Thank you so much! :) I do offer plush commissions outside of DeviantArt, though I am currently very booked. A new Slot for Galvantula would come with a waiting time of approximately a year, and an adequate price for the large amount of working time and material cost involved to sew this plush. If you do not mind this, feel free to message me with your country for a price quote and more info. :heart:

RoseLee1995's avatar
Only thank you, where do you work with these commissions outside of DeviantArt? Do you have a Instagram or an eBay account?
CodyandGwen's avatar

the plush is very cute, and so are you.

Sunnykumachan's avatar
That is very cute .
TsanDi2002's avatar


Poisonsery's avatar
Wie soll ich es beschreiben. Es ist einfach toll. Generell einer meiner LieblingsShinies und der Plüsch ist ja einfach genial. Weiter so. Bleib Gesund
PinkuArt's avatar

Ahww, vielen lieben Dank! 💚

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