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Lifesize Kabuto plush - Pokemon


Behold, the Kabuto overlord! :eager: This huge plushie took so long to make - the pattern is about as complex as it can get, haha. I’m proud of having accomplished this shape that is so unusual for a plush - it probably would have been easy in another art format like sculpting, but sewing the fold of the shell and the inward-facing holes on the backside was a challenge that needed a lot of time to tackle. He has the name of his trainer and the team Instinct logo embroidered onto the back of his belly as well! That makes him one of a kind in this world. :) It’s possible with any plush commission to embroider your own logo design, name or any other ideas onto the plushie! <3

You can find a "making of" album and watch the progress of both the small and gigantic Kabuto here!…

Have some facts!

  • It took a total of 66.7 hours of work from starting the pattern to finishing the plush.

  • Daddy Kabuto is 50cm tall, which is lifesize according to the Pokedex!

  • He weighs more than 3 kilos!

  • Making the first pattern draft took 6.95 hours, and making the baby Kabuto plush along with correcting the pattern took another 16.5 hours. Further 8.28 hours were spent on resizing and correcting the pattern to be suitable for the big Kabuto.

  • I spent 4.3 hours on the embroidery of the team Instinct logo and trainer name.

  • It took 6.9 hours to stuff daddy Kabuto!

  • I spent an additional 4.4 hours to fix a part of the pattern that I had cut and sewn in a wrong way! These were not included in the 66.7 hours.

  • If I ever were to sew this plushie again, it would have to be at least 30cm tall. Sewing a smaller version is extremely complicated to achieve! I will never sew a baby Kabuto in this size again.

I absolutely love how adorable the two of them look together :D
You can see more of baby Kabuto here:…
An there's a video here!…

I am going to take as many pictures of them as possible while they are with me!

I will not give away the technique I used for achieving the shape for now, I want to save that for a tutorial book about advanced plushmaking. :)  

12 commissions remain on my list! I will be able to accept new plush orders again after they are completed. There’s going to be a new system for the new commissions! I have updated the commission information on :) I hopefully will be able to give full price quotes again soon, in the meantime you can find an updated list with price references on my website. <3 Next up : Serena’s Fennekin!

50cm height
46cm length
54cm width 

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Plush commission information:  
:bulletgreen: Facebook page 
:bulletgreen: Etsy shop 
:bulletgreen: Tumblr  New! :D
:bulletgreen: Pinku's Instagram and Alex's Instagram 
:bulletgreen: E-mail: :heart: 
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TerusTheBird's avatar
Its so big that it could eat you!
SirnaCosplay's avatar
So cool! Love it.
Misenfisen04's avatar
Soooooooo cute! will there be a pokemon giveaway anytime soon?
PinkuArt's avatar
thank you :) I have one planned! It will be to celebrate moving to a new apartment as soon as that happens, hopefully within the next months :heart: I'll be sure to post an update as soon as I know! 
Paddiefrog's avatar
Amazing!! Great work!
xPlushie-Ninjax's avatar
Oh wow :iconyuiwahplz: Not only is it huge but you still got it to look perfect. Awesome job
hydropomp's avatar
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Thank you for your kind words, I'm happy that you like them! :D it's possible to order any plush design you like when my commissions are open. 💗 You can find my commission information and a list with price references for different sizes on my website ! Kabutos price category is "high", though since I already have the pattern its price would be lower than what is listed. i can give you a quote if you send me a private message or email with your preferred size chosen from my price list. :) My commissions are currently booked for the following months, I am going to post a journal update as soon as I know an opening date and can give full price quotes again :)
hydropomp's avatar
OH GOSH thank you for the info, i wasn't sure if you'd do repeat commissions so this makes me so happy to hear! sadly i won't be able to afford your prices for a while for a big sized kabuto-but i'm definitely planning on getting a kabuto from you in the future ;w; (though i'm 100% going to try to snag the baby kabuto once it's up on etsy if i'm able!)
PinkuArt's avatar
No problem! :) That would be nice :heart: The baby Kabuto is reserved for now, if anything changes about that I can note you. :) :heart: 
hydropomp's avatar
AH gosh, too slow! but thank you, please do, i'd love to have it in my paws if the buyer decides otherwise<3
PitchblackDragon's avatar
It finally grew out of it's weird pizza phase. 
PinkuArt's avatar
Let's hope it never meets a steamroller again!
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Samurai-Akita's avatar
So groß und doch so süß! Sauber verarbeitet :thumbsup:
Neelai's avatar
Looks amazing :)
KomradApex's avatar
SO cute! Like a headcrab, of which there are also some awesome plushie versions. :3
MotoNeko's avatar
MystShadow20xx's avatar
Holy cow. Now this is something a Twitch Plays Pokemon player can worship. Do you plan on doing the other fossils? I bet Archen or Aerodactyl would be a challenge.
Aeon-Silence's avatar
Yellow-K9's avatar
wow this came out amazing!! the little one is so cute! I love Kabuto <3
ndunsmo's avatar
I actually don't know who looks more awesome, the Kabuto or you.
NazFX's avatar

He came out epic (and your hair is flippin rad!)
MotoNeko's avatar
I know, right? My thought in the beginning was circle of life too XD
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