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Laying Vinyl Scratch / DJ Pony plush


Get her on Ebay:…? :iconso-awesomeplz:
Video:… :iconvinylscratchplz:

Made a new pony pattern! And damn, this one turned out great. :) 
Besides being a handsome cuddly decoration, she can also be used as a shoulder pony. I didn't even intend that side effect, she just fits :la:

Sew me like one of your french ponies.
Vinyl is made out of cuddly minky, her eyes are machine embroidered and her cutie mark is appliqued shiny PVC fabric. 
The pattern is my own, I do not share it. Just drawing the main body pattern took me a few days, it's a pretty difficult one to work with since her body turns upward. And I definitely like the outcome :D  I modified her proportions a bit to achieve a more "supermodel posing for a picture" - look. 

height: 35cm
lenght: 56cm!


For commission info, prices and more: visit my website! Pinku Art

Facebook Page

Please do read the info on my website first if you are interested in anything. :)
I do not give away my patterns. :skull:
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First of all, I could write german but choose not to because of all the other ones that could wanna read this.
I like Vinyl Scratch and the mane just look gorgeous.
It also looks well stiched just the legs seem a little bit too long.
Also the body seens a little small where the legs connect but it also looks just fabolous everywhere else.

The colours are well chosen and if it would be sold somewhere around here in that condition and size I would buy it without hesitation for about 60 or 70€. Thou I guess it's worth much more.

This single piece of art is enough to make me interested in more art and perhaps one day consider asking for a plushy of my own OC or the one of my soon to be husband as a gift.

Keep up the good work, it's a great piece of art.
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She looks like my cat the way you have her sitting on your shoulders.
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Is she still for sale at all?
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Aww, how very adoracute and cuddlesome. :D

Very nice posture, especially the crosslegged hindlegs. :aww:
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how much for a commision??
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the link didnt work how much would it cost
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Wow, das ist dir aber super gelungen, Kompliment. Find das Pattern großartig und das Plüschi ist sehr, sehr sauber genäht. Weiter so ^___^
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It is vary well done but as critisisom shes rather skinny and sad looking but good
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Oh my goodness, she's so lovely. o3o
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Wow! This is so AWESOME. :)
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Ooh, that is something else! :D
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Oh, she's looking great!
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Wow great work <3 ! , but the price sooo much , that i can`t handle it :( .
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Kudos for getting her eyes right. I will never accept them as being magenta.

She was probably wearing novelty contacts in that scene. Under her shades, for some reason.
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Yeah, I prefer red eyes too. :) they're 20% more badass.
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Maybe her shades aren't prescription lenses ...? :'D
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Still, shades at night?
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There's a song about that, y'know! :D
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