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Gengar Mochi Plush

Gengar! But cute, round & squishy. Also fits very nicely into a paper cupcake shape. :icongengarplz:

The Blep can be flipped up and down! Its eyes are embroidered with a red glitter thread. 

It's been...long. Life has been busy! Too busy to keep up with posting my plushies on *all the pages*. Plus, videos are THE thing rn, and DA is rather meant for photos.
Actually, Deviantart is the page that this whole plush journey started out from. And I do want to get back to it, if time allows it. 
If you want to see more of my work (including videos!), I recommend checking out my other pages. Insta is the most active one! -->
I'd be happy to see you there. :heart: 

The Gengar Mochi will be part of my Halloween Plush Release next Friday (24th!)! You can find a Countdown + Shop Link in the Linktree above. 💜

Height: 8.5cm / 3.34"
Width: ~8cm / 3.15"
Length: ~7cm / 2.75" excluding tongue
Tongue length: ~2.8cm / 1.1"

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Gengar and Pokemon belong to The Pokemon Company - the plush, its pattern and the footage are created by me.

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keyney74's avatar

i wanna punch it

it is so cute

PinkuArt's avatar

Nooooo don't punch the boi 😱 Squishing is okay!

And thank you c:

Mystic-Mysidia's avatar

They are very cute!!

Ariade's avatar

sehr niedlich! Was ist da denn drin, memory foam?

PinkuArt's avatar

Dankeschön! Da ist Füllwatte drinnen, die selbe wie bei allen meinen Plüschis. :heart:

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beaVolv's avatar

Oh noo! They are too cute! 🥺

I love how you made them, they're perfectly adorably shaped!

PinkuArt's avatar

🥺 Thank you!!

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