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Fleetfoot plush


Fleetfoot! :)
When I saw the episode, I really liked her mane. So I made her :la:
That suit though. It took a lot of work to get it right, she even has a zipper on the front. Fleetfoot and her suit are made out of fluffy minky, her smile is hand-embroidered and her eyes are machine embroidered. 

:iconrdsoawesomeplz: She's one of a kind, I won't remake a plush exactly like this again! She's the first show-accurate (purple eyes) Fleetfoot plush made so far aswell. :)

Large and cuddle sized! 
Fleetfoot size by PinkuArtMore FLeetfoot by PinkuArt
Height: 47cm
Lenght: 36cm


For commission info, prices and more: visit my website! Pinku Art

Facebook Page

Please do read the info on my website first if you are interested in anything. :)
I do not give away my patterns. :skull:
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Can you please givme a link or show me the pattern you used to make this? I would like to make one
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I draw the patterns for all my plushies myself! None of them are available online so far, but I'm planning to change that soon. :)

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AHHH!!! That hair!!! Do you do tutorials? Not asking you to give out a pattern, I know better than that, but could you at least talk a bit about how you made the hair three dimensional!?  It's so beautiful!!! >o<
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Cuuute! Wha, so Zackenfrisuren find ich ja immer ne ganz schöne Fitzelarbeit und bin immer froh, wenn ich's hinter mir hab. Die Mähne und das Outfit waren bestimmt viel Arbeit, war sie aber wert.
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hehe, mir hat grad die zackenfrisur am besten gefallen :)  das outfit war es wert, aber das tu ich mir so schnell nicht mehr an. xD
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Ooh, neat! I think that's the first ever Fleetfoot plushie I've seen, and she's looking great!
ndfan1993's avatar
This is absolutely adorable!! Very well done and so quickly after the episode!
Littlestplushoppe's avatar
This is awesome..i was just thinking about making her too...
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This is amazing!
You are amazing!
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Very awesome!
Love the hair and the suit!
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Thank you! I didn't like the suit so much at first while working on it, but I love how it turned out to be :) And that smooth whipped cream hair was one of my main reasons for sewing her. :la:
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Yeah, the hair is great and the suit turned out looking fantastic!
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do you want to build a snow man?
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Well I'd love to, but there's no snow around here D:
PinkuArt's avatar
Haha, no snow in Austria and no snow in Australia. :D
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