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Soooo, I just graduated art school.  I cited art school as the reason why I'm not working regularly on TTX (or anything), so, I just wanted to say I'm done with that now. 8)

But, please please please don't ask me when anything is going to be updated because I'm working on my (new) career right now, I went to school because I didn't wanna be a designer anymore.

Not that I'm abandoning this account, I'm just reminding some of you who still live with your parents that not everyone on DA is in your situation and has time to update fan comics all day long.  Of course I plan to update, but I owe the government a ton of money, so... yeah... Sweat Drop Emoji  (LOL, if someone were to pay off my student loans I'll finish the second part of TTX for them, though, LBR)

Happy new year!
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Hey, everyone–  I’m in need of a couple hundred bucks this month (okay, but LBR, as much cash as possible always helps) and actually meant to open commissions anyway this summer.

The starting prices are for single figures with simple backgrounds.  Price goes up with complexity/difficulty/more figures/etc.  For more samples just check out my tumblr page, I do some different styles. 8)

If you’ve got questions or would like something not on here (comics, for example) feel free to message me or email (below)– pricing for that stuff is just more complicated.

If you’d like some artwork, email me at:
If you're on tumblr a reblog of my commissions post would be very appreciated!  Thanks!

(Oh, and if you’re interested in seeing my drawing process I’ve recently started a patreon where process videos and layered/hi-res files get posted, too.)

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Ad by pinku

Hi Everyone! I put up a Patreon!  Mine’s up at

I set this up because it’s getting harder and harder to make time for this kind of work, but doing that is one of my favorite things, because I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow drawing comics and stuff.

What’s Patreon? — Instead of funding an individual project (like on Indiegogo or Kickstarter), you get to interact more and help the artist to keep making lots of things, while getting special access to things people would otherwise not see.  If you have questions, let me know!

The rewards I have so far are things like:

  • step-by-step drawings
  • exclusive sketches/sketches of upcoming pics
  • hi-res pic downloads
  • comic previews (scripts and roughs)
  • post card sketches (sent to you)

And they even go as far as:

  • You pick which character I draw (and get a signed print)
  • You pic a couple that I draw (+ signed print)

There’s also a small secret bonus (good for comic makers) to anyone who donates.  If I hit my first goal I’m sending hand-made stationary to those who pledge $30 and up!

Anyway, if there’s something else you’d want to see, let me know (and I’ll see if it’s possible), but if you can’t become my patron, could you maybe tell a friend?  Either way,  thank you! :D

Go to my Patreon → → → → 

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:iconstarofairdrie: is an amazing lady, who has helped make being a Teen Titans fan on the Interwebs awesome, but she also recently gifted a premium membership to me!  Thank you, omg!

If you're a fan, (especially if you ship robstar), do read her fanfics on her page, or check out her fanfics at  She's way prolific and totally quality, FYI. :D

Time to go gush in PMs to her! :D
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Where is TTX?

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Sorry, too busy to answer all the comments I get these days.  Thought I'd answer you all at once because I'm not into repeating myself, but here's the breakdown:

1. I'm not in high school.  My free time is scarce, so when I have it, it's mine.
2. Nobody's paying me to do this comic.  Hence, it's not a priority.
3. Speaking of money, I'm developing my style and ramping up my skills so I can change careers, so my husband and I can move our lives forward.  We wanna buy a house and have kids, and stuff.

The comic's not abandoned and I'm grateful you guys care about it, but my life is more important.  It's difficult to change your life-- like really change it sometimes. :D Thanks for understanding!
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