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Hey, everyone–  I’m in need of a couple hundred bucks this month (okay, but LBR, as much cash as possible always helps) and actually meant to open commissions anyway this summer.

The starting prices are for single figures with simple backgrounds.  Price goes up with complexity/difficulty/more figures/etc.  For more samples just check out my tumblr page, I do some different styles. 8)

If you’ve got questions or would like something not on here (comics, for example) feel free to message me or email (below)– pricing for that stuff is just more complicated.

If you’d like some artwork, email me at:
If you're on tumblr a reblog of my commissions post would be very appreciated!  Thanks!

(Oh, and if you’re interested in seeing my drawing process I’ve recently started a patreon where process videos and layered/hi-res files get posted, too.)

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Ffffffff... would that I had money to throw your way DX I've always loved your art.