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Teen Titans: X - Prologue P.3

By pinku
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What is this? A fan comic. Our (wishful) theory of Red X’s identity (and no, that doesn’t mean Jason Todd, sorry.).

Story: :iconpg-chan: + :iconpinku:       Art: :iconpinku:       Editor/dialogue: :iconpg-chan:

Read it from the beginning here, or if you prefer, read the comic on my tumblr.
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NekoMarcy99's avatar
Robin is Red X xD but i still confuse xD
qazwsdxedc's avatar
Or Red X is robin?!
qazwsdxedc's avatar
Is robin the Red X?
SONICFURY2099's avatar
Robin is Red X but someone took the suit
sunshinekitty's avatar
Didn't Red X steal the suit from Robin?
Thank God is not Todd! the theory that so many people have that Red X is Todd is a little ridiculous to me,
PokemonFan1235's avatar
No it isnt Jason because he has better things to do then to make Dick look like a fool
pinku's avatar
Some people believe it to be truth, and I'm not about to tell them what to believe because it doesn't really affect me, but that particular idea doesn't strike me as infallible. XD

And honestly, I hope we never really find out the "truth." I think things are more compelling when we get to speculate, and I think that mystery is why Red X is a popular character.
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Following you on tumblr :)
pinku's avatar
Cool! I followed you too because your posts are fun~ :D (At least I think it's you o.o;; )
Kagomesweetheart101's avatar
Lol, thanks :P
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