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Teen Titans: X - Prologue 2

What is this? A fan comic. Our (wishful) theory of Red X’s identity (and no, that doesn’t mean Jason Todd, sorry.).

Story: :iconpg-chan: + :iconpinku:       Art: :iconpinku:       Editor/dialogue: :iconpg-chan:

Read it from the beginning here, or if you prefer, read the comic on my tumblr.
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it's a shame it's not Jason Todd he's one of my favourite ever characters even have a board for him lol…
I get you wanting to make it your own (?) though. so curious as to who RED X is now, I'm so glad I stumbled on your wonderful comic <3 Loving your art
CuteCamArt's avatar
I loved this scene!!
icanhascheezeburger's avatar
That scene in that episode where he was hitting on Starfire... I was so happy that she FIRED HER LAZAR at him.
OmniTilly's avatar
I love your drawing style! Well done!
pinku's avatar
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Gorgeous artwork! Starfire looks especially beautiful :D

P.S. hope Red X is Grant Wilson, but I can wait to see how the comic goes :3
pinku's avatar
Thank you~ :D Unfortunately when we started this comic I didn't know who Grant Wilson was (we've kept this in the TV universe); sorry if that's disappointing. D:
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Your art is so crisp and fresh! I love it!
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Thank you! That's really nice of you to say. :D
cartoonheart's avatar
I love how you draw!!!
Kagomesweetheart101's avatar
LOL! You drew my favorite part!
pinku's avatar
Haha, we figured it was memorable enough that people would know the episode. XD
Kagomesweetheart101's avatar
It's what made me secretly love Red X and Star C:
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Ahaha, thanks man. :D
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