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Teen Titans: X - Page 25



What is this? A fan comic. Our (wishful) theory of Red X’s identity (and see how it is not Jason Todd, sorry.).

Story: :iconpg-chan: + :iconpinku:       Art: :iconpinku:       Editor/dialogue: :iconpg-chan:

Read it from the beginning here, or if you prefer, read the comic on my tumblr.

PART 1 IS OVER, can't believe it! We've shown who we think Red X is, and Part 2's gonna cover how it happened.

I'm gonna clean up parts of Part 1 (stuff that bugs me the most) while we do more planning for Part 2, but somebody buy :iconpg-chan: some cake, she's been near-dead after coming home from work each morning while editing this comic (I'm already up at weird hours, but this backwards night life is new to her). Also, the cool fade-y first panel was her idea. :D
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I've been following this Comic Fan since 2015, and the last time I read it on 11/08 of that year.
I just can not understand how something so good and inspiring still has no more parts! I came in the hope of having already part one, two, three, four ... As many as possible! Please, I love it! This pair is incredible !!!!!