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Teen Titans: X - P2

What is this? A fan comic. Our (wishful) theory of Red X’s identity (and no, that doesn’t mean Jason Todd, sorry.).

Story: :iconpg-chan: + :iconpinku:       Art: :iconpinku:       Editor/dialogue: :iconpg-chan:

Read it from the beginning here, or if you prefer, read the comic on my tumblr.
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Woah...It's getting good... XD
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in the first is : ''gente buena'' and in the second is ''tiempo muerto'' or ''pausa''
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I envy your coloring!!!!!!!!!!!!
This comic is so good
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Thanks! We've talked about finishing it for so long that we just decided to for once.
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Got any advice for starting comic artists?
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First advice is to just make comics. It's a skill different than drawing with different considerations that take some design sensibilities, so practice is going to be the best thing you can do to get better. Don't worry about being perfect, just get used to making them. I've had friends who have said things like, "One day I'm hoping to work on my dream comic, but I'm not good enough to do it yet." Problem with that sort of thinking is that you can wait forever but nothing will happen. And it's not like you can't redo an older comic. This is our third version of Teen Titans: X.

If you take a film class at any point in your life those sorts of ideas carry over well into comic making (camera angles, subtext, imagery, etc.) Art history's also good, because it teaches you to analyze visual works and learn to see meaning in them, which is important in comics.

Otherwise I recommend these books:
Understanding Comics, by Scott McCloud
Comics and Sequential Art by Will Eisner

If you read no other books on making comics, at least read these two, bare minimum.
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/random commenter
Thank you for the advice ;A;
I really needed it because ive had that problem for a longgg time.
Thank you :hug:
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Thank you mighty kindly!
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...... god he is sexy
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Love how he paused it when Starfire came up ♥
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may the record show that on this day i call future robin on his ass
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And HOW X3 <3
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