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Handpainted Custom Mahjong Set

By pinktoque
I hope this is the right category for this particular project, I had a hard time finding just the right one.

Anyway, this was my Valentine's day present to Lucas this year... a handpainted 145 tile set for the game of Mahjong.

A little backstory: a few months back, some friends of ours, Caley and Kali, (the Ckalieys) had us over for dinner and game night. They had recently been taught how to play Mahjong, and they were eager to share it with us. It was somewhat of a learning process for all of us because they were a bit rusty and hadn't had much practice. They had bought a Mahjong set and taught us to play that night. We enjoyed Mahjong a lot and look forward to playing more with them. Lucas has even been playing online lately. That's when the idea for this present hit me.

It took a lot of searching ... I was unable to find blank actual Mahjong-type tiles or anything quite the same. However, I did find that there were people out there selling blank domino tiles with holes drilled into them lengthwise to be used as "beads" for designing jewellery and such. So I bought a large lot set of 350 of these blank wooden domino beads from a seller on eBay.

Once they arrived, I sorted through and picked out 145 tiles. The version of Mahjong we play is a 144 tile set with 1 extra tile to be used as the Prevailing Wind Marker. Then I set to work handpainting all 145 tiles myself, with Wikipedia's page on Mahjong with little images of the tiles as my guide. I know my characters aren't perfect, but I am really proud of the turnout. Once the faces of the dominoes were dry, I turned each tile over and then painted the backside of each orange... Lucas's favourite colour. If this was to be Lucas' custom handmade Mahjong set, I wanted it to be tailored to his likes.

Anyway, once I was done with the painting part, then I had to spend a few days using spray sealant/clear coat to give each tile a bit of extra durability and shine. The fronts and the backs, of course. Then we found this great paper-mache box at Michaels craft store (Lucas didn't know what it was for) and I painted it black on the outside and brown on the inside to be used as the storage container for all 145 completed tiles.

I still need to print off the custom instructions I put together based on Wikipedia's info, but the gift was very well liked, and I can't wait to use it the next time we play Mahjong.

There are a TON of photos -- I took lots along the way as I worked on this. To see them all, check out the photobucket album here: [link] ... there you'll be able to see close up photos of the different suit sets and all of the tiles, as well as "in-progress" photos.

Thanks for looking :)

UPDATE: This project was FEATURED on craftster for Feb 19! [link]
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you tiling image is 'stacking up' in my News article found here >> [link]
Thank you :D
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You very welcome :boogie:
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You did an amazing job painting the characters! My penmanship is horrible in any language no matter how long i know it. =P

Did you know you can take MJ on the go? There's card versions around. =) Not as noisy and fun but it still works
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Wow, your writing is UBER awesome! (I'm Chinese)
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Thank you very much, that means a lot! :) I'm glad it's somewhat readable -- I had no idea what I was doing and was just following the pics of tiles on Wikipedia lol
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You're welcome!
It's uber awesome, you did a wonderful job.
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Beautiful job.
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wow that's impressive, and looks amazing too!
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Wow, great gift and great job!
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Thank you so much :)
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Wow lesley! This must have taken a LONG time! And it looks awesome too!

/me envies Lucas
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It took about a week. Thank you :) hehe
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