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HotS | Ghost Busters
Location: Mearc, The Hushed Enclave
Situation: Robin somehow stumbles upon Amarhéa together with his people, in the middle of the night, because all of them wanted to see ghosts!
„Robin, no.“ „Robin, yes! You want to see the ghosts too! And you know what they said – they are harmless, Dawdaw!!!“
The older stallion let out a deep, almost desperate sigh. „I- … Okay, yes, I want to see the ghosts too, but... can't we make sure first, that they are really harmless? That no one is going to be hurt... or even dead? Remember, what happened, when you drank that one potion...“
„A potion and a ghost are different tho!“, I pouted. „Come on, we don't always have to be super careful! Besides, it's a ghost! Ghosts can't touch us, right???“
„... I guess?“, he furrowed his brows, apparently not quite certain himself, if that was true or not. But hey, at least he said yes now! … Tha
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HotS | sup by PinkPlushChicken HotS | sup :iconpinkplushchicken:PinkPlushChicken 4 0 Saydieh - Hollywood by PinkPlushChicken Saydieh - Hollywood :iconpinkplushchicken:PinkPlushChicken 3 2 Saydieh - Star by PinkPlushChicken Saydieh - Star :iconpinkplushchicken:PinkPlushChicken 3 2 Farewell, my friend... by PinkPlushChicken Farewell, my friend... :iconpinkplushchicken:PinkPlushChicken 5 0
"Hey! Don't run that wide away!", I shouted after my foals, but it seemed like they couldn't hear me. "Come on, Eli. Don't be so pedantic. They already know the forest, nothing will happen.", Hestia smiled. "Well, other fillies also could play around.", Inej tossed in. Elin huffed. "We're two years old, we're adult.", she said. "Eli is almost four years old and isn't adult.", the assassin grinned. "Hey", I sticked out my tongue. "The point is - you shouldn't worry that much. They're children.  They play around, maybe they fall down, but they get up, laugh and play further. I bet you weren't different as child.", Hestia said. Inej opened her mouth again, but Harry was faster than her. "Pipsqueak, you're still like that. I hope for you're children that they learn more than you and don't end up with such scars.", he said. I inhaled some air. "Awesome, idiot, that sure calms her down.", Inej said. "It's just the Endless Forest! What could poss
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HotS | Murder Spaghetti
The young mares flanks shivered violently, as she came to a halt right in front of me, breathing with a painful rasp, as she tried to catch her breath. The look in her eyes was enough to let me know that something terrible was about to happen – or already happened, and slightly worried I furrowed my brows.
For a few heartbeats she wasn't even able to talk, but then she stared at me, sobbing. „M-miss, you and your people have to help us! The Yamata No Orochi is back! T-they gave the beast a filly from Kirou, she... she is so young, so innocent, please, you have to do something! My... my sister has been taken by this beast too, years ago... please... you... you look so strong and... and maybe you can outnumber the beast!“
The... Yamata No Orochi? Samuel, who had been standing next to me with a book, stiffened up and shook his head. „Mom, no! Remember the book I bought in one of the towns here? It's said that the Yamata No Orochi is a gia
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HotS | Huh, they're still here
It turned out that we really only had to follow our noses, as we soon reached a small clearing with a little pond ... and a small, mostly white stallion, that was standing there, happily whistling some random melody.
"Are you Lucero?", Ganondorf asked, raising his left eyebrow, whilst curiously going over and looking into the cauldron. Surprised the stranger looked at the thief, then he smiled. "Yes, I am ... and who-" "I'm the great Ganondorf!", he replied grinning, as if that would mean something ... apparently Lucero had never heard of him either, since he seemed to be sorta confused, but didn't ask questions about it.
Though something felt off... the eyes of that stallion, the sharp teeth... "Didn't you say your uncle is a normal horse?", I whispered to Elli, slightly worried. If that was her uncle - from the descriptions I got of him so far, he should be it - ... what happened to him then?
It was only now, where he turned around to us, at fi
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HotS | A typical day by PinkPlushChicken HotS | A typical day :iconpinkplushchicken:PinkPlushChicken 6 0 CV | The (mis)adventures of Denki by PinkPlushChicken CV | The (mis)adventures of Denki :iconpinkplushchicken:PinkPlushChicken 8 1
Location: Mearc, The Hushed Enclave
Situation: Lucero notices, that Rhea is leaving the festival and decides to follow her. Soon they stumble across two foals, one being a newborn filly, that has been abandoned by her mother...
The party still was going on at full speed - people were eating, dancing, talking, some even were singing ... so long story short: They were having fun. Though... there was one horse, that left. One horse, that I definetly had met before.
"Stay here with the others, I'll just hang out with Rhea for now", I murmured to Khorol, who smirked, rolled his eyes and nodded. "Have fun~"
"Idiot, I'm not doing that with her", I grumbled - not again at least. With a sigh I started to follow the mare in a slow trot, until I finally caught up to her. "Hey there, Rhea! Long time no talk!", I chuckled.
Whilst I had been following her, I had noticed how she kept looking at the lanterns over and over again and ... luckily I d
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# Smol kitten adoptables 2 - OPEN [17/24] by PinkPlushChicken # Smol kitten adoptables 2 - OPEN [17/24] :iconpinkplushchicken:PinkPlushChicken 12 7
HotS | Collecting Herbs (WIP)
Location: Mearc, The Hushed Enclave
Situation: Baldr & Lenya are collecting some herbs to refill the stock of Àdàm AND to bring him new herbs and plants in general, that they don't know yet, when they suddenly come across a few foals, three of them being orphans from a nearby orphanage, whilst the others are just some bullies from town
"Okay, so... I know, that Adam told us to get him new plants, but... literally anything here looks new to me", I huffed, slightly furrowing my brows, whilst trying to find a single familiar plant. "I mean... I've seen a few things on our way here, but... on this clearing here??? I've heard the people around here say that this is bamboo and those are... damn, I forgot."
Sighing I shook my head and looked at Lenya, Adam's apprentice. "I guess that means we have to grab a bit of everything from here... or what do you think? I mean... we have no idea which plant does what and he kinda said t
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„Can we come with you?“
Surprised I turned around, when Cerberus voice appeared right behind me. The three sisters looked at me with pleading eyes and chuckling I nodded. „I can't keep you three here anyways and I guess no one will be insane enough to attack us... and IF someone is insane enough, I guess I feel a bit sorry for them.“
„Where the heck are we even going this late at night?“, Sasa's Bob sighed. „I mean... you guys have been hunting already, so it's nothing that has to do with food. And if you wanted to explore the hushed enclave at night, then- Gods, Tóra, don't tell me you want to explore it without them at first?!“
Slightly guilty I looked at the ferret on my back, who let out a deep sigh and crawled onto my head. „Why? Why not take them with you immediatly?“
„We don't know anything about the people here... what if someone is extremly hostile? Imagine Gabriel meeting someone
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HotS | THEY LOOK LIKE THEY'RE FUN PEOPLE by PinkPlushChicken HotS | THEY LOOK LIKE THEY'RE FUN PEOPLE :iconpinkplushchicken:PinkPlushChicken 4 1
HotS | Worst and Best Mom
„Uhm... well...“, Lucero started, still sounding slightly puzzled. „These are Kiandra, Tiki, Neva, Adam and Khorol.“
He pointed at each of the horses and with a wide grin I noticed, that the gorgeous cremello mare – Neva – was pregnant. „It's nice to meet you all!“, I said. „And it seems like you'll be a mom soon, huh? Mind if I ask who the lucky dad is?“
The mare chuckled, whilst my son flattened the ears to his head and stared straight into the forest, not moving a single muscle. I had never seen him so tense and snorting I shook my head.
„Alright, that answers the question … and the next one too. You two probably just banged for fun, without thinking of the consequences?“
„Mom!“, Lucero whimpered, whilst Everas started to laugh. „Man, Kemi, you're the worst and best mom I've ever seen!“
„Oh, why, thank you, Everas! I'm flattered!“ The dwarf sta
:iconpinkplushchicken:PinkPlushChicken 1 4


Rotten And Apple by thegreatrouge Rotten And Apple :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 659 21 Sandbar And Tank by thegreatrouge Sandbar And Tank :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 299 15 [OPEN]  Canine Halloween adopts by Eredhys [OPEN] Canine Halloween adopts :iconeredhys:Eredhys 38 18 Daiyamondo + Art Auction - OPEN by SobaInu Daiyamondo + Art Auction - OPEN :iconsobainu:SobaInu 95 6 AutumnJack n AutumnShy Adopts OTA - OPEN by unoriginaI AutumnJack n AutumnShy Adopts OTA - OPEN :iconunoriginai:unoriginaI 65 7 Blue City Lights across the sea by Soppa-Taquise Blue City Lights across the sea :iconsoppa-taquise:Soppa-Taquise 1 0 CV Leg Marking Guide by TheEndlessHourglass CV Leg Marking Guide :icontheendlesshourglass:TheEndlessHourglass 22 1 CV Face Marking Guide by TheEndlessHourglass CV Face Marking Guide :icontheendlesshourglass:TheEndlessHourglass 33 5 CV|Ajax|Seeing Spots by DaSassy CV|Ajax|Seeing Spots :icondasassy:DaSassy 10 1 CV | Twins by grumpsyc-arpg CV | Twins :icongrumpsyc-arpg:grumpsyc-arpg 8 0 Human base FTU by Nishra Human base FTU :iconnishra:Nishra 132 16

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Location: Mearc, The Hushed Enclave
Situation: Robin somehow stumbles upon Amarhéa together with his people, in the middle of the night, because all of them wanted to see ghosts!

„Robin, no.“ „Robin, yes! You want to see the ghosts too! And you know what they said – they are harmless, Dawdaw!!!“
The older stallion let out a deep, almost desperate sigh. „I- … Okay, yes, I want to see the ghosts too, but... can't we make sure first, that they are really harmless? That no one is going to be hurt... or even dead? Remember, what happened, when you drank that one potion...“
„A potion and a ghost are different tho!“, I pouted. „Come on, we don't always have to be super careful! Besides, it's a ghost! Ghosts can't touch us, right???“
„... I guess?“, he furrowed his brows, apparently not quite certain himself, if that was true or not. But hey, at least he said yes now! … That was a yes, right?
Actually, didn't matter. I knew, that he would follow me, no matter what I would do.
„Let's go then!“, I squeaked and jumped out of the cave we had been sitting around in for almost the whole day. „HELL YEAH, FINALLY!“, hareman yelled and hopped onto Kite's back. Somehow he liked this 'noble steed' much better then me, only because he was huge. „I thought my ass would freeze onto the ground for a second!“
Calandra simply raised her eyebrows and looked at the hare, before making herself comfortable on my back. Smiling I started to walk away from the cave, followed by the others.

We were walking for a while now, when suddenly the noise of a breaking branch reached my ears. Excited I looked around, though … there was nothing. „Sorry, that was me“, Bonnie frowned. „I overlooked that stick here...“
Ah dangit.
„No worries, we'll find a ghost! Somewhen! I'm sure!!!“, I squeaked, totally optimistic, hoping that the others would think the same. „Hey, smol question – why do you think a ghost would be here?“, Niklas tossed in. „I mean... this place here is kinda... empty? Maybe we should try it in a place where more people walk around?“
„Thaaaat's... a great suggestion“, I sighed. „Does anyone know where we are?“
Almost in a slow motion like manner Jackdaw and Penguin turned their heads to me. „You. Don't. Know. Where. We. ARE?!“, the older stallion huffed. „Robin, we are lost?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!“
„Geez, calm down...“, Henry chuckled. „We surely have a map of the hushed enclave with us, correct?“
Silence. Deep, awkward silence. „Uhm... no?“, I murmured and the hare made a weird grimace, before smiling again. „Then... uhm... Tyto, have you maybe remembered anything from the way? We could go back and then walk a different path?“
„I- hey, there is someone“, the stallion mumbled, pointing at a horse. My eyes grew wider and I gasped – this MUST be a ghost!!!
„HELLO GHOST!“, I squeaked and jumped towards the mare. „I'M ROBIN AND I'M VERY MUCH ALIVE! WHO ARE YOU??? HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE A GHOST???“
„I don't think she's a ghost!“, I heard Tyto call out, but it was already too late. I reached the mare and looked at her with sparkling eyes.

"And why exactly do you follow me?", I grumbled, looking back at the filly. It was the second night I met her and she just follows me the whole time, what was wrong with her? "You know, Ghosts can be very mean.", the filly just said. "Ghosts?", I murmured and raised one brow. "Heck, you're a crazy child, believing in ghosts and fairytales.", I huffed. "Oh, so you think Werehorses, Vampires and Jinrous and stuff are real, but no ghosts?", she asked. A small hiss came out my throat. "When you almost get killed by one and see several of them walking around, then - wait, what the heck are Jinrous?", I murmured. "Kind of.. Werehorses, but worse.", she shrugged. I raised one brow again. "Awesome."
"So, just imagine if there really are ghosts, why exactly do you think that its a good thing to follow me?", I asked the Albino. "Because I know good hiding spots.", she smiled. "Oh, awesome. Ghosts surely can go through almost everything, but sure when we hide they will be like 'oh no, they're hiding, now I can't reach them, boohoo'.", I huffed. She grinned. "You're funny." - "I'm not." - "What's your name?" - "You don't need to know." - "Wanna know my name?" - "No."
She grinned amused. "I'm going to tell you anyway. I'm Lúa. That means moon.", she smiled. I rolled with my eyes. "Fine.", I murmured. My movements stopped when I heard something like a small stick crack. I freezed, raised my head and looked around. Lúa came near me and did the same thing.  "Do we really want to know what this was?", the Albino whispered. "We want you to finally shut up.", I huffed, before a loud screaming stallion came near us.
Enough was enough. Just when he reached us, I turned around and kicked him rightly in the face. "Get the fuck away, you idiot!", I huffed aggressive and gave him a warning glance. "Don't dare to come that close again or I will kick you back to where you're coming from.", I hissed. Lúa opened her mouth in shock, before she squeaked. "That was so cool!" - "SHUT UP FINALLY"

Instead of a friendly hi, I got hooves right into my face and somewhere behind me I heard Jackdaw laugh, when I fell onto my butt. Confused I sat there, completly ignoring the pain – ghosts... ghosts could slap people? Or had I been wrong and this mare actually wasn't dead, but very much alive too?
„Sorry about that, miss“, Tyto said, after he came over to us. „He tends to jump to conclusions.“ He gave the strangers a warm smile, before looking at me. „Are you alright? That was a very strong punch, after all.“
„Yeah, yeah“, I murmured and slowly got up to my hooves. Still chuckling, Jackdaw walked to us and grinned highly amused. I honestly couldn't remember a time, where I saw him like this.
„He totally deserved that“, the stallion pointed out, though he put a serious face on immediatly afterwards. „But please, don't do that again.“ A short pause followed. „He's stupid enough already.“
„Aww, come on! I thought you'd say something nice about me!“, pouting I looked at the old dude, then I shook my head and sighed. „Uhm... hey, yeah, okay, I'll admit we had a rough start and stuff, buuut... uhm... Hi, I'm Robin and these are my friends and family!!! Nice to meet you two!“
„He never learns“, Jackdaw murmured and Penguin made a approving noise.
„That's why we're the protection squad“, Swift joked, when she came closer. Farli sat on her head and curiously looked at the albino filly, that was standing next to the grumpy mare.
„Huh, she looks like you, just in horny“, hareman teased Swift, who raised an eyebrow at the hare, who still sat on Kite's back. „Huh, sounds like you don't want to ride the noble steed anymore“, Kaja stuck out her tounge at him. „You should know – as well as I do – that no one looks exactly the same.“ „Aww, come on, am I not allowed to make jokes?“, pouting the hare looked away. „No one understands my glorious humor...!“

When that stallion just was sitting there and starred apathetically into my direction I raised one brow. Did I hit him so hard? When another stallion just came near, I laid my ears back and with a warning shimmer in my eyes I looked up just to.. freeze. I looked at the most beautiful stallion I ever has seen. For some seconds I only could stare at him like I was a one year old filly that had a crush on him, not moving a single muscle. But when I heard the Albino filly next to me giggle silently, I cleared my throat. "It.. it's okay.", I said. "I was.. overreacting I guess.", I quickly added. "I'm sorry."
Lúa gasped. "I follow you since three nights and I never heard that you would regret anything", she said. I huffed. "Didn't we wanted you to shut up?", I murmured. She gave me a wide, knowing grin and then looked at the stallion, only to look back at me and grin even more. Fuck.
When another, older stallion came near, I huffed. How many want to come this near?! I just took one step backwards. "I won't hit him again if he stays away from me.", I said, now more calm.  When that Robin guy talked to me again, I laid back my ears. "Yeah, I know, you already yelled your name at me.", I said, but my eyes wandered back to that other stallion. "I'm Amarhéa.", I murmured, a little bit nervous. What the heck was wrong?
When a filly also came near, I sighed silently. Will this never end? "Protection Squad?", I murmured silently to myself. That Robin guy needed a.. filly.. to protect him? It gets better and better.. When Lúa looked at the other Albino, she tilted her head a bit. "I don't think that she looks like me..", she murmured. She was right, Lúa had no scars and that filly..well. "But she is beautiful.", Lúa silently added. It was interesting how she just..overheard that horny joke.

Super irritated I looked at the mare, when she said, she might have overreacted – but then she kinda went back to her previous self... until she introduced herself, whilst looking at Tyto. She sounded so different, so... nervous?
Was she afraid of people? But then she wouldn't have been so angry at me … or slapped me so hard. Or maybe her punch actually damaged me a bit and I misheard the tone in her voice?
Whatever it was, it probably was nothing important. „Good, thank you“, Jackdaw responded and raised his left eyebrow, when he heard the stuff about Swift. The filly apparently heard it too, because she flattened her ears to the head slightly embarrassed – not for long though, because she quickly changed the topic. „Are you guys looking for the ghosts too? Or are we the only ones who are insane enough to do that?“, she asked with a smile.
„Damn, and I thought I'd be the only one who has no manners“, Sparrow tossed in, coming a bit closer – not too close though.
The others followed her and kept their distance to Amarhéa. „Sorry 'bout those weirdos“, the mare continued. „I mean, you probably don't give a shit, but these are Swift, Jackdaw, Tyto, Kaja, Frederick, Bonnie, Avis, Piper, Livia, Niklas, Kite, Dove, Jay, Calandra, Henry, Penguin, Finch, Farli and Hareman. And I'm Sparrow, pleased to meet ya'll!“
Hearing this … I realized that we were a lot of people.
And considering, that Elli and I kinda were almost married now and stuff, I kiiinda had the feeling we would get more with time. Plus maybe some of the others would have kids too and … damn, we would be like Tóra one day, right? A huge family, that was running through Eoh and wherever you went, there was one of your relatives!
Calandra gently punched my shoulder and blinking I looked at the forest cat, who just gave me one of her 'you've been daydreaming again, idiot'-looks. At least I was pretty sure that this was, what they meant.

Lúa just noticed that she said that loud and grinned a bit, but also seemed to be a little embarrassed. The albino filly just moved her tail back and forth.. before that I didn't even noticed that she has this damn long tail. I raised one brow and looked at it. Interesting. But not as fascinating as her horn and hooves. She told me that they were made of Rainbow Moonstone. A Crystal or Stone or something. I had no idea. That was just super weird. Like everything on this girl. Huh.
I sighed annoyed when the other Albino asked about the ghost thing. "See!", Lúa grinned. "Just because they believe in them doesn't mean that I have to believe in them.", I said in a more monotone voice. Lúa huffed. "Fine. We're searching with you, if that is okay! I will proof that they are real!", the small unicorn said. "Wait, since when there is a 'we'?", I asked her and she smiled. "Since you adopted me.", she said smiling. "I...what? You're just randomly started to follow me - and you suddenly disappear when it's day!", I huffed. "Think about it.", she grinned. "I tell you, I will proof that ghosts are real.", she grinned. "Nice try.", I murmured. "Thought you would fall for it.", she grinned. "Really?" - "No, not really. But I will proof it anyway."
When a mare came near - not as near as the others what made me a little more comfortable - I raised my head and looked at her. Oh.. so many horses. When she mentioned Tyto my eyes were stuck on the beautiful stallion again. "Shh, you're starring again.", Lúa whispered. I huffed and gave her an angry glance that caused her to grin. I looked at the herd. Such a big herd, but still not as big as my herd was, but.. "And you all.. just trust each other?", I murmured irritated. I did that too, once. But look how I ended.

Amarhéa and the filly started discussing and slowly I tilted my head, blinking a tiny bit confused. Even more irritated I noticed, that the mare was staring at Tyto, once his name was mentioned – did she maybe know him from somewhere? Had he been a classmate or something...?
'And you all... just trust each other?'
Okay, now she sounded very irritated and shrugging I looked around. „Well uhm... yup. Why shouldn't we?“, I asked, raising both eyebrows. „I mean... okay, I'm a thief and Sparrow is a pirate and Tyto is a hoe AND a thief, but he's also a bard and Kite is a former slave trader, but is there a reason why we shouldn't trust each other???“
„I could write a whole book about that“, Livia huffed sarcastically. „But even I have to admit that you're somehow trustworthy. Don't ask me why, I don't understand it either.“
Piper chuckled and grinned amused. „Well, look at Robin's eyes – could those eyes tell a lie?“ „Nope“, Jackdaw sighed. „And that's a fucking problem, because there are so many ways he could get himself killed one day.“ „That's what the protection squad is for“, Frederick snorted. „Anywaaays... you wanna proof, that ghosts are real? Then why are we standing around here, guys??? LET'S GO!!!“
I looked at the enthusiastic young stallion, who trotted away a little. „The ghosts won't just approach us or something, after all!“, he called over his shoulder and... he kinda was right.
They wouldn't just come to us – we had to come to them! … At least I was pretty sure, that this was, how it worked.
On the other hoof... if I'd be a ghost, I'd approach everyone all the time. „Robin, are you stuck to the ground?“, Swift asked amused. „Come, before the others run away without us.“
Oops. Quickly I started to move and wiggled my ears happily – we would see ghosts!
HotS | Ghost Busters
Lead horse: Robin

Event: The Hushed Enclave

Activity: Monthly Challenge (Supernatural babies) x Exploration of the hushed enclave

Preferred RNG:
- nsfw in the way of ... Them eyebrows
- adventure
- funny, akward, weird
- slavery
- action
- anything that isn't too brutal/sad/whatever-in-that-way xD

- gore
- horror
- anything too brutal
- too much violence
- too much drama / sad stuff

Have you participated before: Yes


Featuring: Amarhéa | Jackdaw | Hareman (Hare) | Tyto | Lúa | Swift
also featuring these, but they don't do/say much, so they don't count for roses: Kite | Calandra (Forest Cat) | Bonnie | Niklas | Penguin (Badger) | Henry (Hare) | Farli (Golden Saddle Dragon) | Kaja | Sparrow | Livia | Piper | Frederick

Current Kingdom: Mearc, the hushed enclave

Bonus: //

Word-count: 2544


Lead horse: Amarhea

Event: The Hushed Enclave

Activity: Monthly Challenge (Ghost stories) x Exploration of the hushed enclave

Preferred RNG: Fine with anything

Have you participated before: Yes

Previous entries: [HotS] When the Light hunts the Mistrust

Featuring: Robin | Jackdaw | Hareman (Hare) | Tyto | Lúa | Swift
also featuring these, but they don't do/say much, so they don't count for roses: Kite | Calandra (Forest Cat) | Bonnie | Niklas | Penguin (Badger) | Henry (Hare) | Farli (Golden Saddle Dragon) | Kaja | Sparrow | Livia | Piper | Frederick

Current Kingdom: Mearc, the hushed enclave

Bonus: //

Word-count: 2544



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As you all can see I'm PinkPlushChicken and I'm just drawing weird things

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Pinkie Pie Thats What I Said Stamp by moonprincessluna me made a stamp. by ShinyPopcorn TLoZ: Hestu's Dance by Kiittechan Rito Stamp by Rito-Tribe Medli Stamp by BeagleTsuin Breathe Of The Wild 1.2 by EmpathicDesign TLoZ: Breath of the wild by Kiittechan [Game Stamp] Twilight Princess - Midna by FakeTsuki Prince Sidon Of The Zora's (stamp) (F2U) by NUMB-SKULLZ [Game Stamp] Koropokkuru by FakeTsuki 'Linebeck' by Sunshinylisee Ganondorf Hyrule Warrior stamp 2 by DragonEmpress666 Ganondorf Stamp by Zaira-Karanfil Epona Stamp by Jokersita Granny stamp by Jokersita Wind Waker Ganondorf STAMP by angelaART MLP Deal With it Discord Stamp by Kevfin Pinkie Pie by Marlenesstamps Queen Chrysalis Stamp by SunnStamp Princess Celestia by Marlenesstamps Princess Luna Stamp [Better] by KimberlyTheHedgie Aang by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Appa Stamp by SkyeStamps Sokka Stamp by DarknessMyrkur Iroh Stamp by SkyeStamps Aang and Sokka Stamp by uiopuiop Giant Mushroom Stamp by uiopuiop Toph Bei Fong Stamp by Ritsuka-Chibi Avatar: PENGUINS by Alys-Stamps Iroh and Toph Dance by Alys-Stamps



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