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The Ophidian

16x20 oils on wood

Finally complete, and just in time to drop off for the show! Thank you everyone who helped me along the way with product specifications. I'll post pics of the event soon!

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* Theme: Artwork inspired by Horror Films
* Location: The Highlander • 931 Monroe Drive • Atlanta, Georgia 30308
* Date: November 13, 2010

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Love your artwork! I run a weekly YouTube Show "Danica Raven's BiteSize Horror" where the host reads short horror stories sent in by the audience and at the end of each episode we showcase Horror artwork. Would love to feature some of your artwork on the show (with credit and links to your websites ect). If you are interested drop me a message and you can check out our channel on youtube for context on what we do. Keep up the incredible work!!
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Puts me in mind of a scene from Guy Gavriel Kay's novel "The Wandering Fire". Impressive work you've done here!
ironsides11's avatar
The lighting does an excellent job of  highlighting the sea serpent. :)
Umbreon0001's avatar
Whoa, that's a really huge sea serpent! Looks like it's the end of whoever was on that boat!
mnosugi's avatar
I don't even know what that is but it's freaking awesome.
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Amazing. Your work is just amazing
Octoboy-the-8th's avatar
Brilliant work on the waves. This is a very well-created display of the deadly power of this fantastical beast of terror! Very nicely made.
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Thank you so much!
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Really Beautiful!
purplefizzgirl's avatar
this one painting is better than pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3
Hamster-L's avatar
OMG! What a evil and terrible monster!
cleaveice's avatar
such're one of the best painter i've seen around here so far ^-^
foldedflowers's avatar
:O Evil. I wouldn't want to be attacked by that.
jaejoong92's avatar
so epic....i'm so jealous! u are amazing!
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This piece has been featured in my Journal Under the section "Amazing Painting !!" :D [link] :rose: :dalove:
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I really must get my hands on some oil paints... this is stunning.
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Beautifull, it reminds me of a scene from 'The Liveship Traders' by Robin Hobb.
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This is truly magnificent
CorrosiveDreamer's avatar
This is truly magnificent :)
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