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"Atargatis" Sneak Peek
oils on wood panel

Details: [link]

A week ago I posted a poll asking, "If I were to do a series of paintings, what theme would people want to see in my style most?" So far the results favor women in mythology, with the second and third most favorable themes being art that follows a story, and then mermaids. So, here is the piece I have started that covers all of these options. I found a beautiful Syrian myth about the goddess, Atargatis, who fell in love with a mortal man. When he died, she dove into a pond in hopes of turning into a fish. Instead, only half of her became a fish, and the rest remained human. Another myth following the same goddess, said that she was born from an egg that was pushed up onto the shore by a fish, and then incubated by a dove. Eventually, variations of the story spread throughout Greece and Rome. These stories are said to be the first to introduce mermaids into mythology.
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Can't believe you can go this realistic and smooth with acrylic. Insane!
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Dark but so beautiful...
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I love your work!
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The atmosphere is gold
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My all time favorite of yours!!
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Very pretty!
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Your art is very impressive and interesting! You're easily one of my favorite artists
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I really like the details, they make the painting so much more dynamic. the blush on her cheek, the necklace, the dove, the tail :clap:
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Extraordinaire, bravo ! 
Wonderful work!!!
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One thing that's not a myth, you do GREAT work!
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looks like a vintage work of art depicting sirens very intersting
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I love the realism.
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Amazing works <3
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this reminds me of Lana Del Rey...maybe its the hair, but I love this! its so mystical and stunning
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Beautiful! I've never heard that story before!
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It's awesome and I really love it, especially the tail. Most artists make mermaid tails too short (in my opinion). A couple of things bother me. I hope you don't mind me mentioning them. The tummy part looks odd to me. Where it goes into the tail should be bigger. I realize she's lying on her side but it should flare. I hope that made sense. The shoulder angle is too sharp. I think that's because I can't see where the hair over her body comes from. You have her hair fanned out to the left. I was expecting the hair at the edge of the fan to flow over her shoulder. Just some thoughts. It's an excellent piece. All your gallery is stunning.
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Thank you for taking the time to send me such a thoughtful response!  I appreciate your feedback <3
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This is spectacular.
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