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Nazar-Boncuk by PinkPanthress-Stock Nazar-Boncuk :iconpinkpanthress-stock:PinkPanthress-Stock 5 0 Paper Rautenpapier by PinkPanthress-Stock Paper Rautenpapier :iconpinkpanthress-stock:PinkPanthress-Stock 3 2 Iduk Umay by PinkPanthress-Stock Iduk Umay :iconpinkpanthress-stock:PinkPanthress-Stock 0 0 Vintage-Wallpaper by PinkPanthress-Stock Vintage-Wallpaper :iconpinkpanthress-stock:PinkPanthress-Stock 4 0 Love-and-Luck by PinkPanthress-Stock Love-and-Luck :iconpinkpanthress-stock:PinkPanthress-Stock 0 0 16062016 by PinkPanthress-Stock 16062016 :iconpinkpanthress-stock:PinkPanthress-Stock 2 0 06062016 by PinkPanthress-Stock 06062016 :iconpinkpanthress-stock:PinkPanthress-Stock 0 1 29052016 by PinkPanthress-Stock 29052016 :iconpinkpanthress-stock:PinkPanthress-Stock 3 0 25052016 by PinkPanthress-Stock 25052016 :iconpinkpanthress-stock:PinkPanthress-Stock 2 0 02012016 by PinkPanthress-Stock 02012016 :iconpinkpanthress-stock:PinkPanthress-Stock 6 0 23122015 by PinkPanthress-Stock 23122015 :iconpinkpanthress-stock:PinkPanthress-Stock 1 0 27112015 by PinkPanthress-Stock 27112015 :iconpinkpanthress-stock:PinkPanthress-Stock 2 0 17092015 by PinkPanthress-Stock 17092015 :iconpinkpanthress-stock:PinkPanthress-Stock 5 0 31072015 by PinkPanthress-Stock 31072015 :iconpinkpanthress-stock:PinkPanthress-Stock 3 2 Planetoid by PinkPanthress-Stock Planetoid :iconpinkpanthress-stock:PinkPanthress-Stock 3 0 Star 110715 by PinkPanthress-Stock Star 110715 :iconpinkpanthress-stock:PinkPanthress-Stock 2 0
Recent Resources submitted by yours truly!

Random Favourites

The Same but Different 6
There are a lot of themes that run through the stock gallery – many people have similar ideas but they pull them off in different ways. In this series of newsletters we will look at similar ideas but different outcomes.
The castle photo:-

and some art made:-
Walk-Away by LadyShamisen  :thumb102175736:
The skull photo:-
Skull 2 by TwiggXstock Skull 2 by liquiddreamsstock Skull by ispheria-stock Stock 000181 by temabinastock
:thumb75549436: :thumb78080730: Skull4 by ChristasVengel-stock 855 by Freaky-Stock
and some art made:-
skull by Somalio Time Does Not Heal by Tasty-Burger New Arrivals by TK-83 Standing Skull by BlindBirdWatcher
Feel free to suggest themes to me!
:iconunicornreality:UnicornReality 63 28
Delicious stock picks by Mithgariel, 13
-Thrice the brinded cat has mewed!
-Thrice and once the hedge-pig whined!
-Harpy cries: " 'tis time! 'tis time!"

After all, this article being the 13th in the series ;) There are a lot of people in it, I noticed. Stockers have been busy with model stock lately ;)
Double double toil and trouble
Fire burn and cauldron bubble
Double double trouble you
Bubble in a witches' brew

Pantheon by Stock-by-Kai Pavone2 by KasStock :thumb117654708: XB Flower Stock 2 by anbdstock Guilliam stock 31 by Random-Acts-Stock :thumb117570054: :thumb117572929: :thumb117573318: seagull stock 3 by 231205-stock Pinhead by Blackthorness Magnolia Decoration 1 by Stickfishies-Stock Half on by Sinned-angel-stock misty night 12 by indeed-stock :thumb117659993: Graffiti Girl by Psyoptika :thumb117313338: Home of Kings...three by Arctic-Stock Holi Festival 2009 61 by Falln-Stock :thumb117251103: Falls 4 by B-SquaredStock Fractal Frame by HauntedVisions :thumb117463110: :thumb117400098: Energy Stock 8 by The-strawberry-tree Crow Stock 1 by GloomWriter :thumb11721318
:iconmithgariel:Mithgariel 50 35
Stock From March and info
Stock Gallery

:iconhanratty-stock: :iconlawrencededark:
Handy links
Stock Forum
Resource News
LawrenceDeDark’s DDs
My DD’s
News I have submitted
Find your GM here The CR Team Roster

If there is anything you want included in these newsletters please note me before the month is out and I can include them.
Input regarding the stock gallery
Ever thought that there should be a category
:iconunicornreality:UnicornReality 99 37
Rainbow Series- Green Colour
The others colours of the serie:
Red Colour:
Orange colour:
Yellow Colour:
These is the next entrie of the serie ^^ I hope you enjoy it ^^
:bulletgreen: Models:

:bulletgreen: Objects:
Green Apple by adrilaroz Green Delight Dress by Gloree apple PSD by eEl886 The Green Man Mask by kayne-stock Green Sofa by bean-stock :thumb90284573: GREEN OLD BOOK by cetrobo Green Christmas bow by LucieG-Stock Little Green Teacup by lindowyn-stock Green Antique sofa by jinifur :thumb63129059: hannah joo stock -think green- by hannahjoo
:bulletgreen: Places:
BG Afternoon Woods by Eirian-stock Nature Stock 012 by cadillacphunquestock japan vacation LXXVIII by mimose-stock :thumb105137809: Woods 3 by JewelsStock Woods 2 by JewelsStock
:bulletgreen: Textures and Patterns:
Green Patterns by luthienblack Green by Kainslee :thumb58969063: Green and black by asel-stock
:bulletgreen: Miscellaneus:
Laser beam example by overlord-eddy Green Delight Dress by Gloree Emerald Dragon Ps Gradients by ElvenSword  The Green Forest Action by sd-stock
:iconskyresources:SkyResources 29 27
Amanda F. Palmer by TheMellowYellow Amanda F. Palmer :iconthemellowyellow:TheMellowYellow 5 3
Stock around the world: Love for Australia
Within these following months I will try to take you all to a journey through different lands, having gathered stock images about wonderous places. This time, cheers go out for all the Aussies! Can I haz a panda nao?
Out where the river broke
The bloodwood and the desert oak

Holden wrecks and boiling diesels
Steam in forty five degrees

The time has come
To say fairs fair
Cornucopia by crimsonphotostock beach stock 48 by hatestock
To pay the rent
To pay our share
Magpie2 by newdystock Kangaroo - 2 by Deaths-stock :thumb89404621: Lying in the Sun by OscarandCeara
The time has come
A facts a fact
Milky dripstones by CAStock Lost City again by cplcrud :thumb3302136: Dogs by newdystock
It belongs to them
Lets give it back
Scrubland stock I by ghost-eye On Wings: Shadow Play by Beyond-Oddities :thumb86766719: Australian flag by loustock
How can we dance when our earth is turning
How do we sleep when our beds are burning
:: iFly02 :: by adamy RMIT Underground by spoonyvixenstock Streets of Australia 2 Stock by Belldandy1-Stock :thumb
:iconmithgariel:Mithgariel 37 52
Friday FumZ FrenZy / IV - Color!
Friday FumZ FrenZy!

Each Friday you are all invited to join us and share your favs that you may have subitted yourself or used from our wonderful gallery in our relaxed drop by thumb share event in :#Resources:
Here is your chance to hang out and get to know our Resourceful members of the community and to help further expose our gallery for both users and contributors for the attention you and our gallery deserve.
The thumbs below are those that were shared by members that joined us for our themed "Colored - Friday FumZ FrenZy" event March 20th.
:bulletblack: Where...:#Resources:
:bulletblack: When... Fridays!
:bulletblack: Time... 20:00 - 22:00 (8pm-10pm) CET (click the link for your local time)


:iconznow-white:znow-white 86 61
Magazines and Journals looking for your work.
I have compiled a brief list of Magazines and Journals that accept unsolicited submissions from writers and artists of varying levels of experience.  
What unsolicited means is that you may send them your work without being asked for it first.  Also, if you just follow their submission guidelines, there is typically no need for a cover letter either.  If you would still like to include a cover letter, please make sure it is concise and professional.
The publications listed accept everything from Poetry to Fiction to Visual Artwork.
I hope this helps some of you become a little more knowledgeable about the industry and pushes you to just take the leap and submit your work.  You never know until you try.
One last note:  Most magazines and journals do not accept simultaneous submissions.  What that means is that you must only submit your piece to one publication at a time.  It is a waiting game to hear back from them, b
:iconvertigoart:VertigoArt 80 52
Resourcefully Yours /Weekly Gems/17/
Weekly Gems is a series of articles taking a look back at what has been submitted to the Resources Gallery during the last week by our wonderful Resources & Stock image community.As the Gallery is quite large these articles focus on Specific sub categories of the gallery.
Resources & Stock Images.
:bulletblack: Gallery Info: Resources submitted by deviants for others to use in their own works and/or to learn from.
These are intended to be used as a whole or part of your creative designs.
Now,lets take a sneaky peek at just a small selection of the Fractal,Font and Film Video Gems given to us to play with by our fabulous Resource providers.:love:
Fractal Resources!
Resources & Stock Images> Fractal Resources
:bulletblack: Gallery Info: Fractal Related Resources and Parameters.
:bulletblack: Tutorials!
:iconznow-white:znow-white 59 40
Stock and Awe 30

Welcome to the thirtieth edition of the still awesomely named Stock and Awe a series of newsletters as suggested by you!
New stock
From the Stock Gallery in the last 24 hours.

arnsberg 8 by tropfenkopf
Stock to Art
Impatience 1 by intergalacticstock her name was rose. by ryussei23
+Stock+16+ by princess-666-stock Tied Up by masterblue00
:thumb112839256: Stardust Angel- SCD by JLDragonfly
Alone by moroka :thumb115055629:
Featured Stock
Beech Tree :thumb81142915: by annarey-stock-art
Peaceful soul by CindysArt :thumb98206463::thumb88905326:
a place to hide by RoadioArts Dryad's Dance by InertiaRose Nature's Innocence by wolfenchanter
Spotlight on... by UnicornReality
An interview with...shelldevil :shelldevil: by UnicornReality
1:First off - what inspired you to start a stock account?
My sister :devhelly7307-sto
:iconunicornreality:UnicornReality 86 85
Have you heard this before...Well here it is again
:shithitsthefan:I can't believe it! :pissedoff:
OK, DA is a great place to socialize...But this is not MySpace! It is not Facebook!  It is Deviant ART...ART...ART!  If your here to socialize and not to contribute to DA by sharing your art; sharing your experience as an artist to help the upstarts; or grow as an artist(every medium), then please go back to Facebook and Myspace.  Stop clogging up the arteries of this site.  If you have nothing to contribute besides crappy photos of some hockey game and blurry pictures of your cats, please leave:bye:.  Or get creating some real art.  This is a community for artist!  I'm ready to make a motion that it be a subscribers only club...Yeah I don't have a subscription, but if that is what it takes to weed out those who aren't here for the right reasons, then I will gladly pay a small fee to be rid of this cancer that has infected our beautiful DA.
I know, I'm a jerk
:iconmugshotpro:mugshotpro 0 2
Winter Wallpaper by MissKorya Winter Wallpaper :iconmisskorya:MissKorya 5 3
Delicious stock picks by Mithgariel, 11
Verry snowwy greetings from Estonia!
And here we are again, to munch upon some delicious stock.
So, without further ado, I present you the pies... I mean, the pictures:
Old Manor Stock Pack by little-stock :thumb114454412: :thumb114399672: :thumb114352522: Skydancer-Stock 2516 by skydancer-stock BG Green Woods by Eirian-stock Viking Hoard stock 33 by Random-Acts-Stock discarded_spacestuff26 by Fune-Stock Makeshift skirt2 by Sinned-angel-stock Whiskeytown Forest by FreeSpirit-Stock :thumb113944764: Waterscape Stock 8 by Colourize-Stock :thumb113909271: :thumb113777869: Fox -1 by Seductive-Stock Macro moss stock by rustymermaid-stock Dark Falls Package by Eirian-stock Stock260 by Diesel-stock Vintage angel stock 1 by Random-Acts-Stock Blooo by Voivodess-Stock In your face - 2 by mjranum-stock Uneasy is the head... by mjranum-stock :thumb113805241: clocks and watches 4 by syccas-stock :thumb113612470: :thumb113540552: :thumb113378158: 102 by MoraNox-Stock :thumb113497403:  Water Witch example1 by syccas-stock :thumb113290366: :thumb113225322: Lolita blues 2 by Meltys-stock
Why these? because I saw something special in each. It might have been qualit
:iconmithgariel:Mithgariel 49 37
Stock From February and info
Stock Gallery

:iconhanratty-stock: :iconlawrencededark:
Handy links
Stock Forum
Resource News
LawrenceDeDark’s DDs
My DD’s
News I have submitted
Find your GM here The CR Team Roster

If there is anything you want included in these newsletters please note me before the month is out and I can include them.
Check out FairieGoodMother's
:iconunicornreality:UnicornReality 97 82
Stock and Awe 26

Welcome to the twenty-sixth edition of the still awesomely named Stock and Awe a series of newsletters as suggested by you!
:star: Going to make this a bumper issue as there hasn't been one for a while.
New stock
From the Stock Gallery in the last 24 hours.

20090223 by PinkPanthress-Stock:thumb113992273::thumb113946629::thumb113990872:
:thumb113943503:places074 by CandG-stock:thumb113985172:Mode 2 by Meltys-stock
Stock to Art
foetal 1 by cubstocklove inside by estile | Wookiestock: Cheese. by wookiestock :thumb113940956:
Lila 1 by Eirian-stock The Unexpected Visitor by northangel27 | f1 by Lady-Death-Stock :thumb113881540:
Pixie 12 by PhotoStockMarketStocking Fairy by rmartin2819 | Horse - stock by oldpost Warmblood Horse by emele-the-strange
23 by moonchild-lj-stock Meeting the Flower Fairies by johannachambers | Pinkiness stock by EK-StockPhotos bflower ink by ladyface
Featured Stock
:iconunicornreality:UnicornReality 89 71
Pieces that were made, while partially using Resources & Stocks from me. :note:


:iconfractal-resources: :iconstocks-are-us: :icontexturize: :iconall-resources:

Journal History


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    Too much work and not enough time to create new stocks.
    Also, my computer isn't fully working right now so rendering times would be too big to be productive enough, still I will do something new... hopefully soon.

    Also, I would like to invite you over to my blog Follow the royal Peach, for more consistent journal posts of mine.

    P.S.: Thank you for everyone using my Stocks in their works!!! (I am thinking about featuring some of you guys on my blog)

You can convert my brushes from this Account as long as you convert them only for personal use and don't redistribute them. 'kay? - Thnx!

    You might use every work on this Account in every Category you like.... Gore, Horror, Macabre, Violence.... sappy Romance!?
    -I don't care as long as it is Artistic
    ! It would be really nice to get creative comments so I can work on better Resources/stock work. If you need something special ask and if I am able to do it, I will! Never hesitate to Note me if something is unclear! ;) If you use one of my stox be so kind and link me so I can see and :+fav: them.




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