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Let Me Tell You What It's Like To Grade A Zero
...You know how sometimes you'll see a movie that speaks to you on a level that no other movie ever has? And you just fall in love with the concept and the world and the characters - oh, the characters, and the way they interact, the way their journey mirrors your own life in such an emotionally uplifting way? And when it's all over, you wish with all your might that someday, against all odds, they'll do a sequel? And you can't wait, you just have to know what these characters are up to, what other facets there are to their world, and you start dreaming of what that sequel will be? Where your favorite characters will go, what they'll do, how they'll band together for another epic adventure that you just never want to end?
And then y'know how, six years later, that sequel finally comes out, and your expectations all that time were so astronomically high that there's no way they could ever possibly be met?
Now, some of you folks probably remember the ideas that I had for a Wrec
:iconjbwarner86:jbwarner86 21 85
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Icon by myself.

I'm Pinkolol16, you can just call me Pink if you want for convenience.

I'm a girl on the internet who plays video games, and is really good with a computer. I'm a huge fan of Splatoon and Pokemon, among other things.

along with Sonic the Hedgehog but I dislike the new writers and direction of super lol forced comedy and characters doing nothing

I enjoy doing what I want most of the time. I try to post a lot when I can of a whole bunch of different stuff so yeah.

I can draw somewhat, some types of video game characters, but I like Gmod and prefer to use that a lot. Making screenshots is fun. I eventually want to make comics in the future about stories i want to tell, but for the moment that's on hold while I learn more about modding, I even have some addons up for download! (folder should be called 'Downloads _Legacy Addons_)

Social Media outlets I'm on.… (pretty inactive but i'm the same person) (I tweet a lot, be warned!)…

Real Life Epicz Peeps:

:iconhazelnut-nebula: :iconwingedtiger101: :iconbunnysnuggles: :iconfluffybunny19: :iconpegasus047: :iconlivvi98:

How to make my Inkling in Garry's Mod/SFM whatever:
Colour the tents: RGB 302, 78, 131 (I know the max is 255, but you can type 302 in and it will register. You can use 255, 78, 131 if you wish, but in my pictures I use this cc)
Eye colour: Brown
Skin colour: Skin 3 in the game from the left. If enhanced models (gmod/sfm), Skin 0 (1 in-game), 1 is freckles, 2 is 2 in-game, 3 is 3 in-game.
Gear: Sporty Bobble Hat (colour it orange idk), Zekko Hoodie, Red Hi-Tops

Extra stuff - If you want, you can put a skirt w leggings or those jeany-like pants if you have access to those in SFM or gmod at the moment, it's not mandated i keep shorts, I just would personally prefer it enhanced myself, but if you want, you're allowed to do that, as my avatar inkling is usually a representation of my in-game self (which my current one was at one point) and i'm picking between either of those in Splatoon 2 dependent on my seasons.

That's all for now. See y'all around :D

Also, my random stamp collection, don't belong to me, pics are from respective owners. These are aspects about me or things that I like: (in a journal to make this page accessible)

One thing I do want you to do on my pics is Read Before You Comment by LeoLeonardo please. I don't type what I do for it to be glossed over, especially if it's long. I do love typing out long descriptions, helps me to better communication and all.

I do comment stalk and lurk often. Do be warned of that :P

Journal History


so i'm a little lucky that uh the real life circumstances have uh kinda been paused for a little bit since the thing i'm waiting on is going slower than expected, so hoorah but i've still got schedules n stuff

still working that's all i'll say
  • Listening to: the whirring of my computer beside me.
  • Watching: me typing this journal
  • Drinking: the stains of my tears
I don't really have a 'professional' way of dumping these, so these are more assets that I hope can be passed around so that someone CAN finish it. (remove the spaces)

First up: #!A5ZjmCbY!nd8HKQDxjuMuVQcn0K5MtOUU6iUiepQF3W9NrwevDRk

The Octoweapons. This is something that User gave to me.

He at the time wanted me to keep it a secret and so since we were close as family I didn't want to disappoint him. It had nothing to do with any sort of exclusivity, except maybe in Octostomp's case since he was done, but the other 3 bosses included, Octowhirl, Nozzle and ESPECIALLY Maw, were unfinished and needed work. He's even included the qcs for em and the compile log. Octomaw especially I think is only an effect because he struggled a lot with actually trying to collision it due to the way it's structured.

People have been asking and I have been aware, just that the version I have... is simply all I've got, I don't know anything about ragdolls to tear it apart let alone fix it, so i hope that maybe someone out there could find a person or method to port it or mess around with it. Fission did everything but the physics.... and it only includes the first 4 bosses from Splatoon 1. I apologise if that disappoints you all, but this is all I can give for this.

Similarly, I have no obligation to keep the rest of this a secret anymore given we are not friends anymore after that rude, disgusting message. #!A5ZjmCbY!nd8HKQDxjuMuVQcn0K5MtOUU6iUiepQF3W9NrwevDRk

These include the dmx's for the gmod versions of the gear in all 3 packs (this is how I made my texture packs), along with a rigged version of the sponge (I need it for a few maps I'm doing) along with one blend to do with the enhanced inklings which he initially gave me when I was attempting the first time work on the gear pack for Splatoon 2.

He wanted me to keep it a secret for some reason, not sure, he gave me ages ago (I only remember the clothes were because he wanted credit for his work, which I made sure to do in my packs), so I don't have a very good memory of some of them. Nonetheless, my reasons and motivations for those times do not hold to this day anymore after the rude, disgusting message that he sent to me more recently. Such a message would've given me anxiety if I weren't trying to push through the pain.

So I have no obligation to keep it a secret anymore. That man is not my friend anymore. No one's. He's in that group to strangle you all into inactivity forever.

It is partially my fault, I did ask for RTB to give him that leadership in the first place so I can't deny that I too created this world, but my intentions were not that of malice. His, then, weren't either. If I had any means I'd have gone back and reversed the decision. But I can't, so whatever, I'm not ever coming back to the group again.

I'm not the person who can fix the octoweapons, or mess with the inklings. This is everything that I remember being given, and I'm simply passing it on so that people can benefit from it. I don't really care if I get hated in the end, I just wanted to do what was right, even if it's not objectively right.

By the way, yes, I'm still porting maps. I was actually testing one last night from the time I'm typing this, resizing something that was actually kinda gargantuan to work with. Still need to mess with it, in fact, I'm going right back to it after I finish my thoughts here.

Take the files, spread them around. If someone wants to edit it, that's exactly why. No one gains anything, knowledge, fun, ideas if you keep them to yourself.

Which, given I'm kinda wanting to push out with the maps I should probably get to it.

Make sure you do. That's all I'll say on the matter.
tommy making an announcement about an avi is different from a project

ok so the next map i've been making from about january to now is finished, with some corners due to certain limitations getting in the way. It's still respectful, I have answers to those who may provide questions. Supposedly the guy i'm working with is looking for promos, so in the meantime

reminder that the maps i'm working on are hardest somewhat first with the smaller ones further along. So there were two maps I referred to as 'mountains' this one is done, I'm now working on the second one.

Schedule's getting more and more hectic, been looking for things to do outside of this. Not that I'm losing interest because I'm at least still attempting to do it. More recently, I was testing collisions and for everything else barring the next thing I'm working on, they all 100% work, it's just a matter of putting them in line for the snowball

because once this hardest map is done, and we figure out the steps required, the rest will just tumble in place, and that's important so I can put fun features in the maps.

currently, this map that I'm working on has a ton of valuables going into it. Such as removable objects, and we're going to have to figure out animation here. For the map I just finished as well, i need to finish things such as icons, and not just icons, credits, and description, these things especially since i didn't do it entirely alone

I've also ported a ton of clothes for testing purposes later down the line as shown in the avi pic which I do not intend to promote more than what I have already shown, I already felt pretty bad about doing it but I felt giving a wrong impression was worse than pretending it's still the same

Very slowly I'm working on the counting up of the next thing to do as I have to make a bunch of checks, make sure everything's in line before I can proceed with the happenings

I'd prefer not to spend too long on it but we'll see

I'd rather get both done so then things can be much smoother.
I'm not dead nor are my projects dead. I just don't want to post to dA anymore emotional/sad/etc pics until I can actually get the story done

which once these two maps, the finished one and the one now are out, will mean the beginning of it is done

so ya
Changed Themes
yes tommy, those are your shoes. for now. one day i'll change it because i don't prefer your stuff, but for clarifying the future, it does for the moment.

The bandana and flannel hoodie are ports done by myself in a rule that I will only break here, if only to explain my avi away to those who care (and especially to those who call it an inksona when it isn't jfc stop with that nonsense)

I'd remained with pinksquid for a number of reasons. Back in 2015, we obviously only had inklings. When Squidbot made his gear packs, at the time, in-game, I was using the zekko hoodie and the hi-tops. He later ended it with the bobble hat and that was the set I had then, I repeat, I had THEN.

Since that point however, I'd made many changes and adjustments, however I wasn't fully gonna change my avi to an octoling if they were to remain as they were originally, not that og octolings are bad (hello, arie?) just that I still preferred pinksquid. But when the octo expansion came to be, I was exploding.

My story that I'd made with arie could finally come to a close, along with everything I'd written about that society, which I still want to bring to light, don't get me wrong.

But as more info about the new octolings came out along with the personality that was to the surface I began to relate more and more with that versus the pink squid I'd had since 2015. They're serious-natured, adore technology and also sit in a crouched hunched fashion. I'm extremely serious-natured, my adoration with technology lead me to gmod and modelling and stuff, and I also sit in that crouched fashion. Octolings in splatoon 2 are essentially me personified.

Along with the fact OE itself is just amazing and I adore it and its story and how creepy it is and the lot of it.

I'd been thinking of changing it for some time and then I came across someone having ported a version of them, and it took me a while to actually get to see them and they're ok, the eyelids are just really crap.

The gear I've chosen now are for a number of reasons.

The fishfry bandana looks really good on octolings, plus, the fishfry bandana is broken in-game, actually. The UVs of the tcl texture (the tcl texture is what colours the model in your team colour, tcl means team colour) do not match the albedo texture on the girls. Underneath the left flap of the tied knot (from the persp of them wearing it, their left), you can see this discrepancy in-game, only on the girls. This is due to, and I investigated this when I ported my unfinished version, probably the developers confusing themselves when they changed the design.

In version 2.3, in the top left of the texture, there were what used to be shell swirl patterns (which align with underneath the left flap according to the uvs) on the biscuit bandana on the girls and the boys kept the current design. You can even see this in the icon, underneath the left flap there's nothing there (must've been using the girl's one), then, in version 3.0, when they introduced the black one, the girl's fishfry bandana changed designs to match the male one so that it was basically the black fishfry bandana but colourable, but they forgot to change the tcl texture, so now the colour is bleeding out of the lines, while simultaneously, the star design underneath isn't coloured properly. You can see what they're aiming for since the boy's one isn't broken, in that the colour stays within the lines, but the girl's one is broken and will remain broken for until nintendo notices, which i've pinged them about it but obviously i'm just some random in australia, so i've been wearing it in-game and will continue to for until it's fixed, so this represents my glitchy hacky side i guess. They're close to what they are in-game, I really like turquoise, and that's close to the inverted colour of probably a light blue

there used to be a third headband, it goes HBD006, HBD007 and HBD008. 7 is the fishfry, 8 is the black one (plain texture, no tcl), and 6 must've been some unused one because in 3.0 it's kind like a more shaded version of the black one. They made themselves a maze with the alterations between 2.3 and 3.0 and these 6 versions of the model (they each have gendered variants).
If they were to fix it, i'd pick the knitted beanie because its shape and light pastel colours are a joy to witness (should be proof enough that most of my charas wear it)

I like the annaki flannel hoodie a lot, really loose-fitting, like how I'm generally lazy, and it's also red which is visually similar to the zekko hoodie in a way, so I particularly like it. I'm more of an everyman type though, so I could pick anything else as well really. Like how I pick anything in summer it wouldn't solely be the flannel hoodie everywhere I go

and I liked the red hi-tops originally because they had ink resistance up. Since any piece of gear can have any ability now to their type, it's just a matter of what do I like visually. Blue, light blue is my very favourite colour equal to if not more than pink. In-game, I also use them often, a splatnet 2 version of ink resistance up with ink recovery up sub abilities (only on my american save).

also in-game my main weapon is now the neo splash-o-matic, since splatoon 2 is far more heavy on the splatting elements and also is much more focused on that than the wild-ness of splatoon 1. While for early game, including my new jp and eu saves I will continue using the 89 as a weapon I can fall back on, the neo has proved itself a new friend in my 100% save file, since I enjoy relying on bombs.

if you want to continue using pinksquid especially if you don't have access to this stuff yet ok, fine, i'm not about to go promoting everywhere with this since I have things to do like making maps, but after caring about them so much and playing as one in-game, I think it's about time to change it

besides sad pinkolol was made because user betrayed and backstabbed me and that was in october time for change

so here it is

hopefully i can continue to get maps out because again i'm sick of posting nothing here and i really didn't want to have to do this next but if i put it off any longer it's never gonna happen

and i say that knowing nothing will happen anymore thanks jerks

enough with that there's the update

also the pink's the same lolol as if i'd change that when i like it too much, same with the skin and eyes (only it's skin 2 on these models....)
ok now that i've got that out of my system let me get back to porting crap


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