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Thank you for 50 watchers!! ^^
Characters: Left: Darin Takahashi, Right: Akasuki Takahashi.

Thank you so much for 50 watchers! It makes me so happy that you like my art enough to watch me!
*Also first Gacha Edit on here.*
If I can get to 50 watchers I'll do a special for it! ^^
GAlactic Kitty/GK (2019 Ref)
Old GK:…

She's come a long way! ^^

(Yes the hair markings are a little different on each side that's intentional.)

Base by:


Tagged by: No one, but inspired by: ClaireDaArtiste444

1. Pick a character you've created
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were that character
3. Tag at least four people to do this meme

Characters: Albia-   Base  8  By Klewgcg    By Klewgcg Dcb2vi6 by PinkMeowgic
Asha- Flowers - {MLP BASE} by lola2204  by PinkMeowgic

Disclaimer: Sorry if I miss some questions!!

1. What is your name?
Asha: My name is Asha Lilac Nightlight. It is very nice to meet you!
Albia: Greetings young interviewer, I'm Albia Vortex.. Sadly, I was never given a middle name.

2. Do you know why you were named that?
Asha: I think it was because of my father. His name is Asher after all!
Albia: I really have no clue. But I think it was just for the bullying relief of my name meaning " Bed "

3. Single or taken?
Asha: Single. I was divorced.
Albia: Taken I suppose?

4. Have any abilities or powers?
Asha: I can summon a giant sunflower that can shoot beams out of it.
Albia: I don't use my powers much. So I won't name them.

5. What's your eye color?
Asha: Uh.... I don't have eyes.
Albia: I have MPD. Multiple Personality Disorder, and my personality gets determined by what color my eyes are. So I cannot answer that question.

6. Do you have any family members?
Asha: I have my adopted little brother.
Albia: I only have my half sister.

7. How about any pets?
Asha: Nope.
Albia: If you consider a giant dream dragon a pet then yes, I do have a pet.

8. What is something you like?
Asha: Lilacs and Amaryllis's!
Albia: ....Peace.

9. Something you DON'T like?
Asha: You?
Albia: Don't be ru-
Asha: Shush.
Albia: Well. I guess bullies.

10. What are your hobbies?
Asha: I don't really have any hobbies. But I like to read?
Albia: I have no hobbies of importance.

11. Have you ever hurt anyone or killed them?
Albia: Asha calm dow-
Asha: I have killed wonders.
Albia: Uh... I guess yes?

12. What species are you?
Asha: We're ponies! I'm half alicorn half flower!
Albia: An alicorn, and a sphinx. A fusion, too.

13. Name your worst habits.
Asha: The urge to kill you for asking that question.
Albia: Uhh... Going to the nightmare realm when I'm not supposed to?
Asha: REBEL!
Albia: AH!

14. Do you look up to anyone at all?
Asha: Haha, no.
Albia: I suppose not.

15. Do you go to school?
Asha: I used to. But I don't now.
Albia: I never really did when I was just a filly, there was one open at my time though.

16. Ever want to marry and have kids one day?
Asha: I did get married already, but he divorced me.
Albia: I don't know.

17. Any fangirls or fanboys?
Asha: No?
Albia: I'd prefer I not have any at all.

18. What do you mostly wear?
Asha: I like wearing flower crowns and a flower bracelet.
Albia: Only formal stuff at times like a dress with dream patterns on it.

19. What are you mostly afraid of?
Asha: Flamethrowers.
Albia: Loneliness.

20. What's one food that tempts you?
Asha: Eh, no idea.
Albia: ......Salad...

21: Am I annoying you?
Asha: Yes.
Albia: No, this is quite entertaining.

22. What class are you?
Asha: A high class flower.
Albia: High class dream pony.

23: How many friends do you have?
Asha: ...Everyone hates me at this point.
Albia: None?

24. What are your thoughts on pie?
Asha: I could give it a try.

25. Favorite drink?
Asha: Your blood on my hooves.
Albia: Ew.
Albia: I guess water.

26. What's your favorite place?
Asha: I prefer to stay in my house most of the day.
Albia: The dream realm.

27. Are you interested in anyone?
Asha: No.
Albia: I am. But I won't state their name.

28. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
Asha: Ocean.
Albia: Neither.

29. What's your type?
Asha: People who can actually comprehend the fact they need to mind their own business. Unlike my ex-husband.
Albia: Nice people. People who are willing to protect their loved ones.

30. Any fetishes?
Asha: *Choking*
Albia: ....

31. Same or like?
Asha: *Still choking*
Albia: I refuse to answer that.

32. Camping or indoors?
Asha: Indoors.
Albia: What's camping?
Asha: Dear lord.

33. Any preferred weapons?
Asha: A spear that comes from my sunflower.
Albia: You will never know.

34. Any alternate selves?
Asha: 4 actually. Omisha. Amaryllis. Lilac. and DEAD AU ASHA.
Albia: MPD. Of course I have many.

35. Name your worst weakness.
Asha: Darkness magic.
Albia: Nightmare magic.

36. Are you straight, gay, or bisexual?
Asha: Straight.
Albia: Bisexual.

Tagging: summermorin

If I made any mistakes you can just tell me and I'll fix them!


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