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Cutie Mark Crusaders Are Watching You

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The Stalkers of 2017
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this is my faceImINsAnEeeEEH emote ImINsAnEeeEEH emote ImINsAnEeeEEH emote ImINsAnEeeEEH emote 
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c.m.c EqG (sleeping) plz =:illuminati: ???  no just kidding i love this one ;)
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What did you use to make this? Its really cute btw
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i wll put this like my webcam
freacls's avatar
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They saw you clop... you are terminated :iconterminator-plz:
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Aww, I wish you could use gifs as Facebook covers, this would be my first pick! :D
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Ah, I agree so much with you! This is gonna be the best one yet, but facebook would lag a lot after it. I guess in 2019 it would have that feature without lagging or glitching at all xD
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Awesomeness I love it :D
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I just HAD to fave this! :D
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they are looking around my room XD
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caniuseaswebcam? :iconheplz:
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Can I put this in my webcam?
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would u mind if I but this on my profile with my stamps?
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