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Welcome all Party Pony Lovers!

This group's primary focus is to support any couples featuring Pinkamena "Pinkie" Diane Pie. We also love seeing Pinkie Pie pictures such as solo, groups, and friendship pictures. Sharing the love we have for Pinkie and the pairings she is in.

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It's a club where show our love for favorite pink party pony and shipping her with different characters. Shipping Pinkie the MLP characters, crossover and etc! We also love pictures of Pinkie Pie in general. :heart:
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Before I announce the winner, I must say many of our entries entered after the end of the raffle. Though it will be allowed this one time. Since there would be an automatic winner as only one person of the entries made it on time. It was between August 5th to 19th.

Anyways, we had a good amount of Party Ponies though not enough to garner a prize from the Founder and this Co-Founder (writing the journal).

The numbers have been cast and the winner is!

Great Spirit Award by MartithPandalove93 Great Spirit Award by Martith

Congratulations to this person, and thank you all for participating! :iconpinkielaplz:

We hope you continue sharing the spirit and joy our Pinkie Pie brings! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. :heart:
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Pokebreeder25 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
how come no one ships her with deadpool?
Azurllinate Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2018  Student Digital Artist
It is not that popular of a couple. Just cause they had that video together didn't trigger "PinkiexDeadpool". Though if you want to you can here.:0
Pokebreeder25 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
what video?
Azurllinate Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Oh, the one where they have a Deathmatch against each other. I am sure you will like the ending, and understand where some of the Pinkie & Deadpool pictures are inspired from. ;)
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BiscuitLovesKitty Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2018
I'm pretty sure there are Pinkie x Deadpool shippers~ Its kinda common owo
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