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I notice that every so often, someone leaves this group. So far, I haven't seen anyone joining to take their place. Because of that, I am now asking anyone who sees this post to encourage the medium and low ponks to invite people who have a thing for Pinkie Pie but are not in the group yet. Could be those in rival Pinkie Pie groups or even groups that are basically dead since the founder has had their account deleted. If that results in a whole bunch of new members, then I will be a very happy top ponk. By the way, I really want to get more medium ponks. If you want to help out the group and decide what goes in which folder, then either reply to this post or send a note directly to me saying you want in. That's it from me for now, this is wariodude128, your paranoid top ponk, signing off.
As some of you might have noticed, there is now a new folder in the group called Pinkie Merch. It came about due to a photo of what looked like Pinkie Pie, but was also clearly an official figurine. It took your top ponk a grand total of ten seconds to think about if a new folder was needed and at the end of said seconds I decided we did. And that's how I became top ponk. Maybe one day I'll tell you about how I came to create the Pinkie Merch folder. It's a real gem. Before I go, I'd like to once more request any low ponks who want to help out the group and be a medium ponk to reply to this post or send a note directly to me. Medium ponk, if you forgot, means contributor. Which means you get to have a vote on what goes in which folder. I would like at the very least maybe five or six, but I know that's only a dream. Luna knows it very well. Anyway, that's it from me for now. This is wariodude128, your recovering top ponk, signing off.
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Pinkie Sketches and Linearts
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If your art was rejected from the group, check first to see if it violated any of our rules. If it seems not to, it was most likely an issue with the quality standard. If you think a mistake was made, feel free to send a note to get it cleared up.

In the end, the quality standard in this group is purely the subjective tastes of the mod team, and is what sets this group apart from many others. Rejection or acceptance to the group's gallery is in no way intended to reflect on the artist themselves. In other words, please don't take it personally if your submission is not accepted.


  1. You didn't add it to the right folder. Especially anything rule 34 related. Adding it to anything other than Pinkie Porn is an instant rejection.

    • Any art has to have Pinkie Pie in it somewhere, or a variant of her character.

    • We accept vectors, with a few rules
      • All vectors belong in the vectors folder.

      • All vectors must be at least 5000px, and offer at least a .PNG download. An .svg or .ai file is even better

    • Photos/screenshots that do not feature your own work in some way are not allowed. (Plushies, paintings, grafitti, etc. are all allowed). Examples:
      • Car decals

      • Images that are simply photoshops or screenshots from Friendship is Magic

      • Using someone else's vector in your own composite




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StarburstOTP Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there  TwiPie fanart by StarburstOTP  drew some nerdy Ponk XD
varelabro1 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2021
If you want our group to accept your art, please submit to the appropriate folder. Thank you.
StarburstOTP Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Lolz, i dont need that. But... another time. Sure!
DevinaMoon123 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2020  Student Digital Artist
May I please join your pinkie pie club! I love pinkie pie and a huge fan of her and I love wearing pink!
wariodude128 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2020
Sure, come on in.
DevinaMoon123 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2020  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much
Pancakes654 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 31, 2020
Unfortunately, there’s this Anti-Pinkie-Pie group, which is probably filled with toxic Pinkie Pie haters! Not all members are bad, but the group itself is just cringeworthy!
wariodude128 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2020
I was unaware of such a group. If they want to be miserable little gits, then I say leave them be. We're a group of Pinkie Pie fans, so that is what we are going to keep on being.
Pancakes654 Featured By Owner May 6, 2020
It’s a good thing that I clarified how not all members of Anti-Pinkie-Pie are that bad because I have a greatly increased friendship level with the admin of that group! I know it’s weird, but the admin of Anti-Pinkie-Pie is now one of my favorite DeviantArt users, despite having opposing opinions on Pinkie! But don’t worry, I still love Pinkie and I will never betray her!
VikingsSpyder Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2020
Why? Pinkie haters are usually very lonely sad individuals who are mad that pinkie can be happy no matter what and they cant so they hate her for it. 
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