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Element of Criticism

By PinkiePi314
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Though not as well known as Karma, Discentia performs a crucial role. She provides constructive criticism on submissions to help improve the overall quality of submissions in the sub.

This is why she is the Element of Criticism.

Element of Approval: [link]

Based on this [link] by :iconproenix:

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dingosnivysprint12's avatar
The element of criticism XD I see how it is now :) Great design though :D 
PinkiePi314's avatar
Heheh, she can be happy too sometimes :P
dingosnivysprint12's avatar
I better stay away from her then XD I don't take criticism well ^^; Well, I try :) 
realevilcorgi's avatar
She also has great favor with trolls.
MarkusXC94's avatar
I (dis)approve of this
Ferdrimmler's avatar
Why does she have a whatever that is on her head?
PinkiePi314's avatar
It's the same horn that the mascot of Reddit has. She's basically a ponified version of the reddit mascot, and is one of the mascots for /r/mylittlepony
gdpr-31869776's avatar
It allows her mind to interface directly with Reddit's API!
Dogman15's avatar
She's based on Snoo, the alien mascot of Reddit, who has a similar antennae on him.
discentia is the best pony!
Melanie-sama's avatar
Constructive criticism. I like this pony already.
TurboSolid's avatar
What a wonderful vector!
pyrobob's avatar
She should be frowning.
PinkiePi314's avatar
Ya I tried that, it ruined the mood of the pose. The pose was more about gracefulness and a sour mood kinda ruined that. Therefore, I decided to stick with a happier mood. Additionally, just because Discentia downvotes doesn't mean she can't be happy once and awhile.
pyrobob's avatar
She is happy when downvoting.
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