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Hi, guys! My name is Pinkie Pie and I live in Ponyville! Of course, you probably knew that, or else you wouldn’t be here! I thought I should probably go ahead and make my own religion, ‘cos you guys seem to be worshipping me anyway! I love to see the pictures you’ve drawn of me! I also like your stories, when I can sit still long enough to read them!
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2,561 Members
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Minor update to anyone who still might be submitting Pinkie Pie artworks to this group. First of, while I'm barely active with accepting your works, I appreciate every single Pinkie art arriving here. Thank you guys. And, most importantly - due to recent Eclipse update and how deviantArt managed to leave simple group moderation tools behind, with half of the site still working on old code, and another on new, incomplete one, it is possible that there will be no new submissions to the group. Simply because I no longer know how to do it conveniently.
With how rare new works are, I believe it shouldn't impact anyone too hard, however I apologize in advance if, by any chance, I missed your submission during this "transition time". Hopefully this will get resolved soon.
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The Pink Commandments!

These are the super-duper-important rules that every Pinkieista must follow!
1. Be super-nice to everypony!
It's very important to be mega-nice and super-polite to everypony!

2. Your submissions must have Pinkie in them!
I mean, duh!

3. Submit to the right folders, please~!
Maybe go through the gallery and read what each folder is for?

4. You can't make any forbidden images!
Forbidden shmershmidden. I -
I'll take over here, Pinkie Pie. This is a clean, family-friendly group. We don't allow sex, drugs, violence or blood, implicit or otherwise. From here on in, any submissions with the Mature Content Filter applied will be automatically denied. You can find more information about deviantArt's Mature Content Filter here.

5. No Grimmy McGrimdark!
I mean, we still allow a little creepy-creepy, but if it's too creepy-creepy then we're gonna kick it out! Everypony has different opinions on what is too creepy-creepy, so if you have a problem contact the admin!
On 'Cupcakes': the only 'Cupcakes'-related artwork we accept is parodying or making fun of the situations therein. Giggle at the ghostie, after all!

Failure to follow these rules means you get a warning, and do it again and you'll be out!
That's all for now! See you on TV!
Pinkie Pie x






You can find more super duper party pals at the My Little Pony Grouple!



Pinkie Pie Waving by AndoAnimalia Pinkie Pie Waving :iconandoanimalia:AndoAnimalia 116 14 I-see-what-you-did-there by LaszlVFX I-see-what-you-did-there :iconlaszlvfx:LaszlVFX 82 13 Pinkie Pie! *-*! by Aliryu Pinkie Pie! *-*! :iconaliryu:Aliryu 18 1 Pinkie by BigBuxArt Pinkie :iconbigbuxart:BigBuxArt 262 27 Pinkie Pie and Cappy by kamy2425 Pinkie Pie and Cappy :iconkamy2425:kamy2425 41 2 Pinkie Pie Shield of Honor TRANSPARENT by SwedishRoyalGuard Pinkie Pie Shield of Honor TRANSPARENT :iconswedishroyalguard:SwedishRoyalGuard 60 1 Pinkie Pie at the lake. by Wreky Pinkie Pie at the lake. :iconwreky:Wreky 526 66 Pinkie mess by Wolf20 Pinkie mess :iconwolf20:Wolf20 15 1 I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost by AnimatorAR I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost :iconanimatorar:AnimatorAR 121 53 Pinkie Pie: PARTY?! Where? by kemono666 Pinkie Pie: PARTY?! Where? :iconkemono666:kemono666 73 17 Pinkie with a helmet by darkfrei Pinkie with a helmet :icondarkfrei:darkfrei 34 0 Mardi Gras Pinky Pie plush by Texalma Mardi Gras Pinky Pie plush :icontexalma:Texalma 30 3 So Pinkie, about that 4th wall... by PoisonRogue So Pinkie, about that 4th wall... :iconpoisonrogue:PoisonRogue 554 93 Baby Pinkie Pie Haz A Rubber Turkey by Beavernator Baby Pinkie Pie Haz A Rubber Turkey :iconbeavernator:Beavernator 181 20 Happy Birth day Gummy by Quiss Happy Birth day Gummy :iconquiss:Quiss 192 14 Pinkie Pie Ink Splatter Wallpaper by alanfernandoflores01 Pinkie Pie Ink Splatter Wallpaper :iconalanfernandoflores01:alanfernandoflores01 50 3


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