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EDIT: I am currently considering switching to a new account. What I need is a brand new, fresh start. However, I am still swaying to and fro as I'm not sure what to do exactly. Nowadays I spend more time drawing nature and wildlife and landscapes than I do people and I am not sure all my watchers will like this sort of change.

In the mean time I want to get back in contact with some of my watchers - do you have e-mail?


Well, life for me has pretty much turned around. I used to live a secluded life and I found a lot of comfort and friends from the internet. Now, however, I've realised that the internet no longer serves the same purpose that it did all those years ago. I don't have masses of friends in real life, but I have met more people, and grown in confidence in order to build on those friendships and I am now in my first relationship which is proving really stable. As a result, I have less time to spend on here and I will soon be going to University, and will hopefully be going out more and enjoying things as they come, on top of a lot of work as my course is very demanding academically.

Unfortunately, now that I log on here, I have a sense of nostalgia, a sense of a lost home; I no longer keep in touch will my online friends. I have ceased to keep up with journal entries or commenting on pictures. I some ways I have lost touch with everyone I knew here and it makes me incredibly sad.

Additionally, I see people improving so much, but the reality is that I don't have much time to draw on the internet. Or maybe I just have a massive art block -- I struggle to draw anything recently which is such a shame. I don't feel that it is worth me uploading digital artwork any more since my improvements with computer work have stalled through lack of drawing on the computer, to put it simply. I feel I used to be talented, but that now that talent is starting to fade and everyone improves but I stand still.

And so, I don't know what to do. I have a few options:

Do I leave dA and delete my account? It is no longer what it used to be and I struggle to keep up with it. The work in here is old, and out-dated and pretty useless.
Do I leave dA but keep my account open? Just so I can go back...perhaps start up any time
Do I recreate a new account and upload traditional artwork there instead which is what I do more of now?

I feel a bit lost. Anyone got any advise?

I do appologise to everyone for not being active. It's not that I have forgotten any of you...I just struggle to juggle an online and real life both at once.
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I think starting fresh with a new account entirely may be a good idea. Regardless of what you decide to do though, I'll always stick around. :3 I love your art! And I'm really excited to see your new works.
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I'm interested in seeing your art no matter what you are now currently drawing or painting. That stuff is just as interesting to me, if not more so.
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if you've switched your subject matter and art style drastically a new account is a good idea, but you can leave a journal or something on this one informing people of your change in account/style/subject etc and if they still want to watch they can, and those who don't want to don't have to.

Though some people make new accounts and tell no one, you can do that too if you don't want the same people following. Choice is yours =3

You don't need to feel pressured or bad about what and how you draw, its your art, do what you enjoy, hobbies shouldn't be like work. They should be fun. You don't need to respond to everyone either, do what you can, no one will hate you for it =3
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Haha I feel exactly the same way, pretty much about everything. I don't keep up with any of the people with whom I was close in the internet, anymore, and god forbid I draw anything lol.

So, I don't know what to tell you 'cause I guess I'm pretty much in the same boat! I'd say just take some time to reflect upon things, and think about where you want to go with your life. Good luck :)
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I would keep your account open. I had this 'dilemma' as well a few years back. I still get on the net just not as much before. I'm now married and living in my own home with a family of animals lol!

Keep the account open..its not like you are being charged. Plus what if one day you are trying to find this thing that you drew a long time ago and cannot find it? Well, leave your art on DA and it stays.. Even if you think that your art is not as good... I love it! Specially your character pinkie! She gave me inspiration on drawing some of my own characters ; )

Goodluck on whatever you choose
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I say make a new account or just upload your traditional stuff to this one, whichever you feel more comfortable with <3 no need to leave completely, you don't need to keep up with everything either. Just upload, comment and stuff when you can~
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First of all, do whatever you feel is right when it comes to your account. It all depends on if you really want to leave your artwork here or not, and if you think you may come back to check in someday. I personally would keep my account open, just in case you want to come back. Making another account to start afresh is another option. But I would be very upset of people got mad at you for deactivating and/or deleting your work. It's ultimately your own choice, and it's very understandable why you would do so.

Weirdly enough, a couple weeks ago I tried to go back to PWO, but... it was weird. Despite the fact about finding out that my computer doesn't like java (I forgot that was one of the big reasons why I stopped drawing on oekaki, other then health issues, and school work), It felt like I was trying to join a whole new oekaki, and the few people I recognized from the old days were the mods/Admins. It was also a bit weird to look around and see the old drawings on the banners and stuff, especially my own. So I can understand why you may want to leave, and I respect that if you choose to do so.

I'm very happy that life is going in the right direction for you! I really do hope you do well in your plans for your future!
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I'm very happy to see that you have developed a stable life outside of the internet... good for you, that can be a very difficult thing to do! As far as your account... I would suggest keeping it open, just in case you may regret deleting it later.
I really do hope you're doing well though...! And whether you decide to stay or leave is your decision, and I respect it. I certainly will miss you though... good luck in whichever path you choose.
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I'm glad to hear that things are going well for you in real life! Best of luck to you.
As for what to do with your dA...I'm sure you are still talented :hug: If you do keep it open, perhaps go through and clean it up a bit? Delete things you are no longer happy with and such. Maybe you just need a fresh start on a new account.
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If I left dA, I'd leave my account open, so I could look through whenever I'd like or come back. I know what you mean when you say you've lost touch with people, I feel the same way with a lot of my online friends, too.
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