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Applebloom Playing

By Pinki3pie
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Applebloom is having a fun time playing in the overgrown grass ! Silly little Applebloom, you are so easily entertained !!!

Edit :
I won the contest ! I never won an art contest before !!!
It was handpicked by Michelle Creber (Applebloom VA) herself !!

EditEdit :
OMG !!! THis has been featured in EQD Drawfriend !!! Thanks guys !!!! [link]

MLP:FiM © by Hasbro
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There is a style, awesome picture!
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I don't even know how,but EVERYTHING is fluffy...even the solid bricks are fluffy and cute...
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d'awww those eyes
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Oh my god. The entire picture is fluffy. I think I'm going to die.
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She's just so cute!
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Awesome work! X3
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Haha, congratulations on the Drawfriend, and on winning. I think some of the fuzzies might me a bit much for me, but it looks really good. Especially the big building you have in the background.
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Oh goodness, her face is so adorable I could die.
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I pleasing the colour of drawing
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That's adorable! Amazing job on the background--a lot of artists struggle with those!
Congratulations on the contest...and the EQD feature!
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Thank you Thraten !!
I had alot of fun making backgrounds :3 And I din't know bout the feature til I read your comment !! xD
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That house reminds me of one of those medieval-modern houses.
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Why the HAY are all textures fluffy??
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Cuz fwuffy are cyoote ^^
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Fwuffy Wuffy Ewpple Bwoom !! *tee-hee* xD
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There isn't much to say about it except...:iconsofluffyplz:

Also :squee:
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Yes I get that alot !! xD

But Fluffy things gives people Diabetes and you know how people LOOOOOVEEE it xD *giggles*
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I like the stylized look a lot!
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Thanks Kaden !!! *sniffles*
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Don't cry pinkie! :iconsadfaceplz:
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