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Wonder Woman: White Series

Hey everyone this is the third in my DC Comics Series and rounds out the DC Trinity: Wonder Woman!

This one was particular fun because I always enjoy painting women and this is my first time painting Wonder Woman. I did have some trouble in the beginning getting the face the way I wanted and I had to restart but such is life lol!

For this Series I was most inspired by Bruce Timm's and the Justice League Animated Series. I've always felt like his work really defined what I feel to be those iconic characters. I did however try and give my own spin to this piece as I did with Superman and Batman. This included giving her a more utilitarian, armored boot with knee protection. I just like that it's something different but that it still harkens back to her original designs. And just in case you haven't seen Batman and Superman, the links are below:

Batman: [link]

Superman: [link]
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Great job! I like how you given her a little something on her arms. Given how strong she is you would figure that would show. But you didn't overdo it and she still looks very feminine and beautiful.
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Ah thank you!!! I'm glad that you noticed that! You picked up on all the subtle stuff I was going for!
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You're Welcome!  Oh yes, I definitely notice details!  I ran into a similar situation with a character I really liked in the movie 'Strange Magic' by George Lucas / Disney.  It is the main character in the story and her name is Marianne:

She is a butterfly fairy and she is a very strong fighter.  She wields a two handed sword with one hand.  The problem I had with the way she was drawn was that I couldn't see her with thin arms like that.  When I decided to do a fanfiction based on Strange Magic, I had described Marianne as a bit more on the muscular side, mainly her arms.   I eventually started to draw and I picked Marianne as my first person to draw, mainly because I wanted to show her in a particular dress design I came up with.  When I draw her, I do so with my fanfiction in mind.  In fact in my latest chapter I have her fighting in a battle and I designed a whole battle armor ensemble for her.  This was the result:

As you see, my variant of Marianne is no waif. 

Getting back to Wonder Woman.  I have to say that I am partial to Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman.  I just think she is far prettier than Gal Gadot.  Gal does look more fierce than Lynda, while Lynda just looks more sexy.  However,  both ladies do have fairly thin arms.  I think they could have had a bit 'more' on their arms, especially for being a superhero that possesses great strength.   But alas it is what it is.  I think both ladies are great as Wonder Woman, but I do admit I just like Lynda Carter more.

Anyway, keep up the fantastic work!

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Nice work;) (Wink) Now this is the GOOD DIANA aka WW:) (Smile) we've always known & lovedHeart unlike the INJUSTICE DIANA who's NO WW!!!Disbelief  
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A wonderful picture of a wonderful character.

...And sorry for that pun. I couldn't resist!
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Thank you very much!!!
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Bruce Timm is an amazing artist. Amazing what inspired him to draw Batman, and Superman cartoons. We also can thank the other animators who helped draw with him that whole series of cartoons. just amazing. Good job. My name's Daniel, you have a blessed day neighbor. Jesus :heart:es you. By the way, how long did this take you to paint if you don't mind my asking?
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Thanks Daniel! It's nice to see a fellow follower of Jesus here on DA! You know it's been a while since I painted this Wonder Woman piece but I would estimate that it took me around 22-25 hours to paint. Hope that helps and God bless!
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We're hard to find sometimes. I'm not ashamed of Jesus though. Nor will I hide Him from the world. Ah ok, I get crap sometimes for drawing freehand transformers on here, because it's not persay "Christian art" and no one understands that if I tried drawing those on my own, I'd of quit by the head and face details and ripped up the paper and never drew again. God and His grace helped me draw all those cartoons. I'm being honest. I take no credit. Even though DA credits me as th ecreator, it's really God's creativity in me as His vessel. or is that boasting in self too? I want to boast in Him, not me. without Him I can't draw or write poetry or do anything. Keep in mind that not everyone online or in public who say s"I believe in God" or "I'm a Christian" is always what they appear. Fruit reveals if they know Christ or not.  Mere lip service doesn't impress God one bit. I'm not like most Christians you've met, and you'll see that in years to come as we talk more. Feel free to note me any day you like. I check DA almost every day, week or month or every other day. Something like that. I'm on fire for God 24/7, just picture  blowtorch on full heat lol. God bless you back. It does help, and I know you give God the glory, cause God created art. I never after getting saved in late 2007 liked "DeviantArt" the name itself is creepy. a Deviant is either a. a liar, or b. a criminal. I'm neither. I'm a former criminal (sinner) turned child of God. It would be a long story, but let's just say I used to be a mean Atheist who Satan used to destroy my life and others, and God got a hold of me on 12/22/2007 and showed me the consequences of my sins, my Atheism was destroying my sanity lol, and yeah I became a Christian, a real Christian, nto that religious Catholic crap I was force fed from age 5-13 as a former Roman Catholic and Anglican. God is real, and anyone who says He is not real, is sblinded by Satan. I know God is real, because He talked me out of suicide. No one else on earth could of convinced me that morning not to kill myself the next night. God is awesome and healer, and since I used to cut, be suicidal, God will use me at some point in this life to heal and reach out to cutters and suicidal people.
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Really great work here.
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Well done with Wonder Woman.
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Beautifully done
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Thanks so much ;)
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Gorgeous work and coloring. Love the softness this has and her realism in face, body and hair work is breathtaking:love:
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Thanks so much for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoy it :)
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Wonderful job. Love those boots!
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love her boots! practical.
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